There is ample reason for the difficulty in being able to focus my thoughts or concentrate this past few weeks. The companion for this malady is frustration fueled by the realization that it seems beyond my control even though this is not a luxury I can afford at this time.
The countless details associated with settlement of mothers estate demand attention and focus. Likewise with the job, the book, and a wide array of issues that need resolution before the end of the year.
The galley proofs for Ghost Towns of Route 66 should be delivered today. A final review for errors in text or misapplied captions is on Monday.
I need to mat several dozen 8×10 prints as they are gifts for friends and associates. There is a small mountain of important correspondence to catch up on, the rescheduling of the second stage of the cancer surgery, another visit to the dentist, research pertaining to the updating of photographic equipment needed for a pending project, research pertaining to the next step as rights for The Big Book of Car Culture been returned to me, end of the year tax preparation, the rescheduling of an interview with AM Arizona, and a return to the six day work week at the job that supports the writing habit. 
Then there are the important issues. The food bank, the grandchildren, my son, and the events that constitute a celebration of Christmas with my dearest friend and family.
In addition there are the yearly goals not yet reached that still need resolution, either completion or extension. One that can now be scratched off the list is the third relaunch and rebuild of our companion site, Route 66 Info Center.
There is now a page for each state along the storied route with a calendar of events. A photo gallery and links to related websites, as well as tips and reviews, will also be found on each page.
It is still a work in progress but the foundation is launched and the hope is that this time the only work will be in additions, not rebuilding. To this end, I am requesting notification of events along Route 66 so they may be added to the respective calendars and am seeking advertisers by offering an unbeatable opportunity to promote their Route 66 related business or museum.
In short, I am merely looking to cover expenses associated with the website. So, camera ready jpeg format advertisements will be posted for a jaw dropping low monthly cost. Drop me a note if your interested in discussing this unique opportunity.
Usually a busy and productive schedule keeps a smile on my face. Add the joyous Christmas season and it is a sure thing. However, this year is bit different.
Casting a pall over all of this are memories of mother that waft through my mind like smoke in a room where wood was just added to the stove. Another cloud that threatens to dampen the bright rays of Christmas celebrations and the hope that is the true meaning of this holiday is the realization that as a result of my sisters illness, we will be planning another funeral very soon.
Now, a couple of reminders. Don’t forget, the next installment of the weekend book reviews and travel tips will be posted by Sunday evening. Do you find this segment of interest or helpful?
One final plug. If your looking for a unique gift check out the gift shop tab at the top of the page. And if you would like a signed copy of one of my books for under the tree, we should still be able to get it to you on time. 

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