Its a wonderful life. That is still my opinion in spite of the trials and tribulations that have dominated the past month and left me in a mental fog where forced concentration leaves me exhausted.

Daggett, California
I am married to a beautiful women that also happens to be my best friend. For almost thirty years she has stood with me through thick, and the events of the past couple of weeks that constitute thicker.

It has been a year of absolutely amazing adventures. Seeking the ghost towns of Route 66, seeing a book written sell out the first printing in less than sixty days, and, of course, the interviews with Jay Leno.
And now it is Christmas. I know that the early church pasted the Biblical narrative over a Pagan holiday and I also know its celebration is no longer deemed acceptable in this era of the modern and enlightened but I enjoy Christmas and refuse to allow the dark times of the past few weeks to dampen my childlike anticipation of the holiday.
For reasons unknown, Christmas rather than New Years Day serves as my transitional milepost between years. So, further fueling my excitement about Christmas is the realization that another year filled with endless opportunities for adventure and all of the things that make life worth living begins in just a few days.
So, from that perspective it is with eager anticipation that I count the days until Christmas morning and the opportunity to visit with the grandkids. Perhaps a house filled with the laughter of children will lift the fog that is memories now severed from those that made them and then with great enthusiasm I can set my eyes on the possibilities contained in a fresh new year.
It has been a very long week even though it is only Wednesday and I am quite tired. So, today’s post is a short one.
Until tomorrow when I will have time to share some very exciting news, check out my interview with Jay Leno at the link above. You might also take a gander at the video for the new three wheeled automobile.
As always, your opinions and thoughts are most appreciated.

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