As work progresses ever so slowly on the Route 66 encyclopedia it seems that each new discovery is tied to four others. Even with the liberal editorial parameters given for this book there is little doubt this will only be volume one of two, or three, or …
Okay, before the 1937 realignment of Route 66 in New Mexico, Glorietta Pass was the highest point on the highway. After the Santa Fe loop was loped off, that honor went to Bellmont in Arizona. Now, where is the lowest point on Route 66?
La Bajada Hill in New Mexico on the pre 1937 alignment of the highway, and the grades on either side of Sitgreaves Pass on the pre 1952 alignment in Arizona have the sharpest curves. Where is the longest straight away?
Williams in Arizona was the last community to be bypassed with the completion of the interstate highway. What community was first? With the various realignments of Route 66, what community was the first severed from its connection to that highway?
The Madonna of the Trail statues placed along the National Old Trails Highway by the Daughters of the American Revolution include one in Springerville, Arizona. There is a paper trail to indicate that statue was to be placed in Kingman, Arizona but Senator Harry Truman intervened. Why?
Tom Devine, father of Andy Devine, moved to Kingman from Flagstaff and purchased the Hotel Beale. What hotel did he manage in Flagstaff?
Where are the cabins from Hyde Park? Purportedly they were relocated to Grand Canyon Caverns, and then to Kingman at the site of the current Holiday Inn Express. They were moved to …
The Siesta Motel, circa 1929, and Richards Court, in Kingman had identical decorative stone arches at the windows. Likewise with a small court at Old Trails in Arizona. Who was the builder?
Hoods Market and Hoods Auto Court, razed during construction of the current Hualapai Mountain Road and Andy Devine Avenue intersection, was owned after 1951 by Joe Hood, former owner of a hotel in Tombstone that had burned a few years previously. Who was the first proprietor?
Phillips 66 and Whiting Brothers both began as Route 66 based companies. What other oil companies began with a Route 66 association?
As you can see I have opened a very large can of worms with this project. Would you care to chime in and give me some history behind the Long Horn Ranch, the businesses in Doolittle, the Harvey House restaurant in Bagdad, the businesses associated with Route 66 in Lawndale, the Picwick Bus Lines, Shuey Trucking, the history of Wildorado, the oldest bridge still in use on Route 66, ….

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