Thank you for the words of encouragement in regards to the short stories about adventures from my past that have been posted in recent weeks. This is a new endeavor as I am a private fellow that doesn’t talk in detail about the past very often.
I embarked on this endeavor on the advice of a friend in the marketing business who happened to know me in a previous life. His thoughts were that I had lived a colorful life and it should be shared as stories of encouragement. He was also of the opinion it would make for good reading.
The suggestion has even been made that these stories should be compiled for a book. That would take a great deal of thoughtful consideration as a number of the guilty parties are still alive and, second, as awkward as it is, I can embarrass myself but to expose the warts and blemishes of someone else is another matter entirely.
In the next few weeks I will share the story of Antonio, the man with the most original excuses for being late to work, the tale of the Hungarian terrified of cows, a story of grace made manifest in a simple meal, and the incredible story of our Thanksgiving adventure into the land of the Havasupai. I hope you enjoy them.
In the meanwhile, don’t forget this weekend will be another installment in books and travel tips. This time the focus will be on overlooked attractions only found on the road less traveled.
Now, new business. Reservations have been made, and my professional bio and a photo are now posted on the official website for the big Route 66 festival in Amarillo. Its official, we will be in Amarillo in June. Will you be there?
The adventures in discovery with the Route 66 encyclopedia continue. The latest ones are a bit dark in nature – a mining disaster in Braidwood, a bus accident at the Kingman Army Airfield that left a number of recruits dead or injured, and a flood that closed more than 100 miles of Route 66.
I met briefly with John Spring yesterday and it would seem has a vision for the future of Route 66 that dove tails nicely with those of Ron Hart of the Route 66 Chamber of Commerce. Lets see how this plays out.
Discussions are underway with a tour company that is planning to institute a southwest ghost town tour. My role would be to outline the schedule in such a manner most nights are spent at historic hotels, to provide the cheat sheets for the guide, and to make an appearance to answer questions. At this stage it is more talk than substance but it is an idea with merit. Time will tell.
So, until Saturday …

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