Soaring fuel prices may force us to adjust grandiose travel plans this summer but with just a bit of advance planning it should still be possible to make this a summer of grand adventure on Route 66, the Lincoln Highway, and other great two lane highways. That is the subject of today’s editions of trips and books.
Kingman, Arizona is less than 400 miles from Los Angeles, less than 100 miles from Las Vegas, and less than 200 miles from Phoenix. Now, if you like vintage vehicles and good times it is tough to beat the annual Route 66 Fun Run scheduled for the first weekend in May.
With some of the most spectacular scenery to be found anywhere along that legendary highway, this 180 mile, three day block party celebrating the automobile, Route 66, and the American love affair with the road trip has a little of something for everyone. A number of folks that participate, or that simply show up for the fun, have made this event a priority for a number of years.
In the first weeks of June, Amarillo in Texas will be the place to be. Deep in the Heart of Route 66 will be theme for this years international Route 66 festival and it is looking as though this will be another historic chapter for America’s most famous highway.
Celebrities and fans of that highway from throughout the world will be in attendance. Music by Joe Loesch and the Road Crew from Nashville, food, friends, cars, and a good time are on the schedule.
As a bit of shameless self promotion I will be in attendance, with my dearest friend, for the debut of my new book, Ghost Towns of Route 66 I can’t think of a better place for the kick off or better people to share the event with.
If time or financial constraints prohibit your attendance in Amarillo, and you live in the Midwest, Illinois is the place to be in the first weeks of June. The Route 66 Association of Illinois Route 66 Motor Tour is always a delight.
For the folks on the west end of Route 66, there are a number of events but there is only one mega event – the Stater Brothers Route 66 Rendezvous in September. This monster is without equal.
Route 66 isn’t the only highway that leads to fun and adventure this year. If you happen to be cruising the Lincoln Highway this summer check out the Pony Express anniversary in beautiful Gothenburg, Nebraska in June.
Even though the Lincoln Highway, once as popular as Route 66, has slipped into the shadow of the double six it remains an excellent adventure for anyone who loves exploring the back roads and lost highways of America. The Lincoln Highway Association has an excellent calendar of events to help plan your trip on all or part of that historic road.
Excellent resources for planning your weekend getaways or vacation on Route 66 are found on the Route 66 Chamber of Commerce website. Links, photos, and a wide array of information are found on this site that serves as a clearing house for all things Route 66.
An accurate guide book is essential for any trip and Route 66 is no exception. To the best of my knowledge, the best available guide is EZ 66 by Jerry McClanahan, also a very accomplished artist.
You can order a copy for the Route 66 Federation. In addition to getting the best guide out there, you will be supporting an organization that has played a key role in the resurgent interest in Route 66, and that continues to work toward preservation and promotion.
Don’t let the summer slip away. Make plans today to discover, or rediscover, what makes America special.

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