Yesterday, I got a bit heavy with my reflections. So, it seems only appropriate i provide a bit of balance with something a bit lighter and more colorful. Here are a few of my favorite things and places.
This odd little place that looks as though it were designed by the Keebler elves was once a cafe in Daggett, California along legendary Route 66. It adds a whimsical touch to an otherwise stark and forlorn landscape.

The Santa Monica Pier is a bit removed from the actual western terminus of Route 66. However, it has been the traditional end for so many years the myth has almost become a reality. No stop at the pier can be complete with visiting Dan and Jessica Rice at their little shop.
One of our favorite summer getaways are the miles of backroads that snake through the forest near Williams, Arizona. On a cool summer afternoon only the towering peaks on the horizon provide a hint that you are still in Arizona.
Bisbee, with a population of more than 5,000 is a bit big to be considered a ghost town. As this is about a quarter of what it once was perhaps we could safely say it is a mere shadow of what it once was.
The annual Route 66 Fun Run, a three day celebration of America’s love affair with the automobile, legendary Route 66, and the road tirp, transforms the historic district in Kingman into a sea of automotive history. Mark your calendars as this year the event kicks off on April 29th.
Ryholite in Nevada just east of Death Valley is the quintesential ghost town of boom to bust. From raw desert to modern metropolis that supported a train station, a swimming pool, bank with elevator, and more than 10,000 people, and back to empty desert in a span of less than a dozen years. Today it is a haunting and quiet place that provides ample opportunity for reflection about fleeting fame and fortune.
One thing I never tire of in the desert is the spectacular views and startling contrasts. This scene is looking east from near the summit of Sigreaves Pass on the pre 1952 alignment of Route 66 in western Arizona.
The sunsets bring most every day to a close with a sense of awe and wonder. Here, in Kingman, with buttes and mesas as a backdrop, they are even more spectacular.
The drive to White Horse Lake near Williams, Arizona is an excellent opportunity to beat the desert heat. A weekend of camping here transforms the soul.
Yesterday’s in the old mining town of Chloride, twenty miles from Kingman, is one of our favorite places for a quick getaway when we just need to savor each others company and unwind.
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