For a fellow who prefers the quiet places, and that has spent a large portion of his time on earth basking in anonymity, it is an interesting adventure when it comes time to step into the limelight, naked as a jaybird, twirl the baton, and proclaim, “Look at me!” That, however, is what must be done if one wants to sell books and share his love for the road less traveled with a larger audience.
At some point, if the books are written well and the passion for the subject can be conveyed, the task of shameless self promotion begins to take on a life of its own. In this amazing age where the cyberspace world stretches to the very horizons of the imagination this new creation sprouts wings and learns to fly rather quickly.
Consider this fan page on or this one on Facebook. Once created by the publicist they begin to grow slowly but the building of credibility with each new creation provides the good soil needed for them to mature.
When I sold my first feature to Special Interest Autos the dream of becoming a writer was reignited, but it was still just a dream. I wrote out of a desire to share my love for vintage vehicles and obscure places on the road less traveled.
Now, twenty years, several hundred feature articles, and six books later, there is a quickening in my spirit that, perhaps, the dream may become a reality. Can I share my passions with others and make a living?
I have been quietly sharing the review copy of Ghost Towns of Route 66 select friends and acquaintances. I watch their eyes, their face as the pages turn and sense this book, like Route 66 itself, transcends its original purpose. Like that legendary highway it seems to touch something deep inside.
I have waited for the dream to become a reality for many years. It is for that reason I never tarnished it by writing solely for profit.
I am not an artist. I have difficulty drawing recognizable stick people and often my three year granddaughter does better transferring the world around her onto paper than I do.
I am not a musician. I have trouble playing the radio and can make money by people paying me not to play an instrument or sing.
But I can share worlds lost in time and places of stunning beauty with the written word and photographs. The blank page is my canvas.
With that said, I would like to thank each and everyone of you for moving the dream closer to reality. Thank you for letting me share the wonders found on the road less traveled and parting the mists of time to reveal forgotten people and places.
Money is a wonderful thing but it is merely a cold, dead tool. It is the joy that others find in the work that is the real reward.

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