Illinois is not often thought of as a vacation destination. Those who harbor those thoughts are either uninitiated into the lure of Route 66 or are unaware of its charms because this storied highway is often rated among the top attractions in the state.
Of course that is no secret to the thousand of visitors from throughout the world who set their sights on a Route 66 adventure every year. Promotion and preservation of the states longest attraction is the bailiwick of the folks with the Illinois Route 66 Association who do an outstanding job.
Just follow the link posted above to see what they have planned this year and how to get the most out of your cruise on legendary Route 66. And if your an automotive enthusiast be sure to pay special attention to Pontiac that is on the fast track to the opening of its one of a kind Pontiac museum and archives. the second week of June it is the BIG EVENT, the 2011 International Route 66 Festival in Amarillo that kicks off on June 9. Acclaimed author Michael Wallis, cars, motorcycles, art showings, banquets, dancing, vendors, and of course, the debut of my latest book, Ghost Towns of Route 66.
It isn’t part of the event but I hope to introduce folks to the wonders of Route 66, encourage them to enjoy the festivities, and, perhaps sell a few books at a meet and greet on the 9th. The event is scheduled for 7:00 PM at Barnes & Noble.
Even though the book isn’t officially going to be released until early June, review copies are on the way to a wide array of media outlets as well as vendors along the highway. To stoke the fires of interest in the book, me, and in Route 66, I will be the featured author this Wednesday evening for a slide show presentation on that legendary highway, its ghost towns, and the evolution of the American automotive culture at the Mohave County Library in Kingman.
This part of the KABAM festival with events taking place all week. A number of fine authors will be in attendance, so if your in the neighborhood …
Carolyn Hasenfratz, a very gifted young lady from Missouri with a passion for Route 66, has kicked off an interesting website. Sell 66 Stuff is exactly what the title says. Check it out.
If you know of interesting website, or are hosting a Route 66 event, send me the link. As the summer road trip season progresses I will be providing regular Route 66 updates and, perhaps, I can assist with a plug.

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