Today’s post is a bit of shameless self promotion, a little infomercial, and a whole lot of neat stuff pertaining to Route 66. Lets start from the top down and that means another plug for the International Route 66 Festival that kicks off in Amarillo on June 9, 2011.
This event is rapidly shaping up to be the event all promoters will dream of emulating. I am quite sure this will serve as a catalyst for a tsunami of interest in Route 66 and subsequently, dawning of a new era in regards to the acquisition or refurbishment of historic properties along that highway.
This event will serve as the official launching point of the promotional book tour for Ghost Towns of Route 66 but there is even bigger news. Casting a very large shadow at the event will be an author of legendary accomplishments and countless contributions toward keeping the spirit of Route 66 alive, Michael Wallis.
In addition to authors, artists, and collectors, there will be car and motorcycle shows, a banquet, a passport cruise across Texas, an evening of music under the neon of the iconic U Drop Inn in Shamrock, and a car cruise. There will be an evening of dancing at the historic Nat Ballroom with music by the Road Crew and Texas Crossroads, a bowling tournament, and even a haunted house.
A fun filled weekend celebrating America’s most famous highway will be had by one and all. I sincerely hope you will be able to attend this event which is sure to be an historic one.
For those who have businesses along Route 66, and who would like autographed copies of my new book to sell at their establishment, I can make special arrangement in regards to cost and deliver them to you in Amarillo. Please contact me for details and remember, I will need at least ten days notice to ensure the books will be available in Amarillo.
The next item on the list is also for those with businesses along the Main Street of America. John and Judy Springs are taking legendary Route 66 into the modern era with a passion and the result is a phenomenal advertisement and promotional opportunity. You can check out their publication, the very first of its kind at 66 The Mother Road.

I have been assured that in future issues a number of acclaimed authors will be contributing material. This means a rapid increase in popularity among fans of the legendary double six, which in turn means tremendous value for your advertising dollar and international exposure for your business.
For those who plan to motor west, or east, on Route 66 this summer you might want to pencil this into your schedule. On the third Saturday evening of each month, April through October, the historic district in Kingman, Arizona comes alive with a free event, Chillin on Beale Street, that features everything you need to enjoy an evening under a desert sky. The May event is scheduled for this Saturday evening.
At the end of summer last year I initiated a program to assist businesses along the highway while transforming my office/unofficial Route 66 visitor center/museum of automotive advertisement in the rental office at Martin Swanty Chrysler in Kingman. I am hoping to greatly expand on this during the summer of 2011 and would also like to note that this dealership can handle any service needs you may have while traveling on Route 66.
If you have brochures or promotional materials for your event, museum, or business, please send them to me and I will add them to the expanding offerings in our free literature/travel planning rack. Currently I have material from the Wigwam Motel in Rialto, Afton Station, the Route 66 Museum in Barstow, and others.
In addition, there are signed copies of books I have written, a wide array of Kingman area tourism information, free Kingman post cards, and free post cards featuring the photography of yours truly. We also have official Arizona highway maps and, dependant on available supply, free passes to Kingman museums.
As a bonus, if you are traveling with a group and need assistance in planning a visit to the Kingman area please let me know. I can assist in that area as well by tailoring something special to your needs.
A great way to keep up to date with events in the Kingman area, check out the Destination Kingman page on Facebook. Even better, become a fan.
To keep up with events, and news, all along the highway there is but one stop in cycberspace, Route 66 News. This site is updated daily.
Let the good times roll!

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