There is something about Route 66 that fosters great expectations and a whole lot of enthusiasm. Now, if you are by nature so irrationally optimistic that you see an audit as an opportunity to clean out the file drawers, a job loss an an opportunity to learn something new, and a foreclosure as an opportunity for a road trip, an association with this old road can lead to seeing opportunities at every turn and give you the enthusiasm of a kid on Christmas morning.
There is seldom a better time for fueling that enthusiasm than the months of summer, the season of road trips, ours as well as friends. In the next few weeks we are eagerly looking forward to a visit from Wolfgang Werz from Germany, another visit from Dale Butel and his tour group from Australia, and Dries Bessels and his group from Holland.
In the past dozen weeks or so I have had the privilege of meeting Denny Gibson from Ohio who stopped by the office/visitor center to introduce himself, pick up a signed copy of Ghost Towns of Route 66 (also available through the magic of electronic payment by credit card via Paypal with a click on the “Buy Now” button in the upper right column), and to share some of his recent adventure on the Lincoln Highway. Other visitors of note include Peter Adler, also of Germany, an interesting fellow from Korea, and of course, our friend Dave Gurney from Australia. 
On the writing front, Arizona Highways just posted an interview with Kerrick James, the primary photographer for Ghost Towns of Route 66, on their blog and my understanding is it will appear in their magazine soon. I have also learned that True West, in the next issue, will dedicate five pages to the review of the book, AAA will be printing a review, and that the latest issue of the e-zine, 66 The Mother Road, has a review as well. As one of the goals in writing Ghost Towns of Route 66 was to enhance, and add context to, the Route 66 experience, the wide array of positive reviews, and notes being received from readers is most gratifying. 
Planning for the next epic road trip, a photographic safari to gather images for the current project, a Route 66 encyclopedia, is underway with a tentative date of the first week in October. We are hoping for fall colors as a backdrop.
If a book signing or speaking engagement would enhance your event or fund raiser, please drop me a note. Perhaps we can work it into our schedule while we are on the road.
The recent news reports from Pontiac, Illinois, and seeing the transformation being wrought in Tucumcari, has sparked a renewed hunger to see Kingman get on the band wagon. So, this provides another opportunity to try out some new photography equipment as my plan for the weekend is to get our at sunrise to document some of the Route 66 treasures found here.
Also on the weekend project list are a little time for reflection on the meaning of Independence Day, lots of work on the current project, and some time spent with our son and his kids around the grill. If time allows, my dearest friend and I may sneak off to Hualapai Mountains for a long walk under the pines.
It is my sincere hope each of you has a wonderful Independence Day weekend that includes a little time for reflection. If your driving, be careful.

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