The only thing better than reviews, emails, and letters that reflect the enjoyment readers are deriving from my latest book, Ghost Towns of Route 66,  are those that tell me how the book inspired or enhanced an adventure on legendary Route 66. This link to will take you to the books page, the reviews are at the bottom. Would you care to share your thoughts about the book or the trip it inspired?

The next item on the list is the July installment of Chillin on Beale Street, scheduled for this Saturday evening in the historic district of Kingman, Arizona, just one block north of Route 66. Will you be attending?
If you happen to be cruising through New Mexico in the next week or so you might figure the 2nd Annual Route 66 Motor Tour into your schedule. Adventures such as this ensure the Route 66 experience will never be forgotten.
The pot of gold at the end of the Route 66 rainbow is the opening of Dan and Jessica’s new shop on Santa Monica Pier. The story with more information was posted on Route 66 News this morning. To Dan and Jessica, congratulations.
Even though the pier isn’t technically on Route 66, how many who drive that storied highway to its end have resisted the temptation of seeing a sunset from the pier? Now, we have an additional reason to make that quest!
If your journeys take you into the Ozarks in August, may I suggest the grand opening of the refurbished Wagon Wheel Motel and the festivities taking place in Cuba, Missouri during the same weekend? We have yet to experience the hospitality of Connie Echols, or savor the charms of this legendary motel that dates to 1936, but we have it on the list for our October trip.
That takes us to the final item of the day, our October trip. As is our custom, we are again volunteering our services in regards to promotional events or non profit fund raisers. If you have an event, or fund raiser, along Route scheduled for this period of time, and feel we would be able to assist, please let me know.

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