On more than one occasion I am left with the impression that my life is a never ending Route 66, with a few detours, adventure. Today is one of those days.
Yesterday ended with another couple of hours spent working on the Route 66 encyclopedia in the valiant effort to make up for the three months lost at the first of the year. The day started with the composition of a list detailing information still needed for that project, answering correspondence pertaining to previous requests for information, and making a diligent effort to keep the October road trip from dominating my thoughts.
This was followed with a drive to work, on Route 66, and, during my lunch, adding the print of the month feature to the blog. The print for each month will be displayed as the header for the blog. Of course, the print purchased will not have the words Route 66 Chronicles sprawled across it.
Tonight, I will work on the encyclopedia and begin serious planning for the October trip. The challenge is going to be the need to photograph several hundred locations, visit with my dad who lives 200 miles east of Chicago in southern Michigan, attend several book signings, meet with Joe Sonderman to discuss the use of his collection for illustrations and a possible joint project, sit through a few interviews, and conduct a bit of research at several archives within a very limited amount of time, possibly a mere ten days.
Still, the worst day cruising Route 66 is better than best day at work. Besides, the trip will provide us with the opportunity to visit the Mueller’s, the new owners of the Blue Swallow Motel in Tucumcari, Connie Echols at the Wagon Wheel Motel in Cuba, Buzz Waldmire, and a few dozen old friends such as Laurel Kane at Afton Station, Melba at Four Women on the Route, and Fran at the Midpoint Cafe.
Even though the schedule will be tight, we are seldom to busy to lend a hand in regards to assistance in promotion or fund raising. So, if we may be assistance to your endeavors in either of these areas, please let me know as soon as possible.
Counted among the many exciting aspects of the pending adventure is the chance to photograph Route 66 locations with a hint of fall color as a backdrop. This prospect opens a whole new world of ideas.
Initially, my idea was take this photographic safari in January. I felt that the stark winter landscapes, and possibly a dusting of snow, would really add some new perspective to familiar Route 66 sites. Perhaps fall colors will suffice.
The list of sites we hope to photograph is a lengthy one that grows longer with each passing day. Just last evening I added another dozen locations; Art’s Motel, the Padre Canyon Bridge, the brick road near Auburn, the Dazy Motel, the Eagle Hotel, the Pierce Wagon & Buggy building in Afton, Bridgeport, the new Pontiac Museum, Ozarks Trail obelisk, Palms Grill, and Becky’s Barn.
When I stop and consider that my first trip on Route 66 took place shortly after my first birthday, and the fact that this trip will take place half way between birthday number 53 and birthday number 54, and that for the foreseeable future all projects will center on this road, there is little doubt that my life is just one long Route 66 adventure.