Summer mornings in Kingman are such a delight that to squander them seems almost criminal. To savor them, to embrace them, and to have time for uncluttered thought free from the entanglements of the electronic age that intrude at every turn, I often walk to work and this morning was no exception.
On wonderful mornings such as this I often reflect on John Adams who, while attending meetings of the Continental Congress in Philadelphia, lamented the noise and hustle that made it almost impossible to develop thoughts or bring them to fruition. I wonder what he would have to say about the modern era?
Road trips past and future, books to finish, and books to write dance through my head on these morning voyages into solitude. But, more often than not, my thoughts on these morning walks turn toward family, my dearest friend, and just how blessed I am to have them in my life. Intertwined with these is often a touch of awe that a man such as I could be so richly blessed.
This mornings meditations on road trips were dominated by the myriad of details yet to be resolved for the October trip, and the growing sense of anticipation as well as excitement.  Fueling this are things like the confirmation of the book signing at the Wagon Wheel Motel & Gift Shop in Cuba, Missouri on October 7, an ideal opportunity to introduce my dearest friend to the beauty and wonders of the Ozarks. I wonder if we will be fortunate enough for fall color?
One of the great challenges associated with any road trip is not loosing focus on the here and now while awaiting the date of departure. Confirmation of an opportunity to experience the hospitality of the Wagon Wheel Motel with my dearest friend, and to share the spotlight with accomplished author Joe Sonderman, makes this a very difficult task.
Add to this an opportunity to seek out authentic Greek food in Chicago, to discuss the prehistory of Route 66 with historian Dave Clark, to see the latest treasures at Afton Station, and to again visit with Laurel Kane, the “Tattoo Man”, Melba, and the proud new owners of the Blue Swallow Motel in Tucumcari, and with each passing day the challenge to focus becomes even more difficult.
To tide us over we do have the September trip to Prescott, and a long, dusty, beautiful drive along the Williamson Valley Road topped off by a stop to see Angel Delgadillo in Seligman before driving home on Route 66. As a bonus, this interview will provide the excuse for celebrating anniversary number 28 in one of our favorite cities, the place where we spent our tightly budgeted honeymoon.
With dreams of road trips and the grand adventure of life dancing in my head, I will savor each delightful morning as I walk the quiet streets. And with each passing week I will revisit those long vanished days when the days before Christmas seemed to drag with never ending eternity.

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