As the title for today’s post reflects, this will be a very mixed bag. The first item on my list is somewhat unrelated to Route 66, unless of course you like to pay the song by that name on a guitar and that instrument happens to be made by Gibson.
I first became aware of this about story about the legendary guitar maker several days ago and have been unable to keep from the forefront of my thinking. One of the disturbing aspects is that I first heard of this in the London press. Would anyone care to initiate a lively discussion on this subject?
The next item is also media related but a bit more personal. The interview on AM Arizona in Prescott has been rescheduled for after our trip to Chicago in October. As soon as I have an exact date, it will be posted.
Another promotional item has to do with the October adventure on Route 66. As noted previously, acclaimed author Joe Sonderman I will be appearing at the Wagon Wheel Motel in Cuba, Missouri on the evening of the 7th.
Now another acclaimed author and Chicago historian, Dave Clark, and I are working on details for a joint appearance in Chicago. As soon as these details are finalized they will be posted.
Speaking of Chicago, or at least the metropolitan area, I have a friend up that way that is facing a fairly serious situation. For those who bend a knee in prayer on occasion, I would appreciate it if you would include Cort Stevens in those sessions.
The Hinckley Hillbillies will be doing Chicago, and St. Louis, taking in the sites, and cruising the double six with a rental car instead of the trusty Jeep. Fuel mileage, the budget, the fact we will be sticking to the paved roads on this trip, the age of the Jeep, and my reluctance to push the old war horse much beyond 65 miles per hour all figured into our decision.
So, it looks as though we will be traveling incognito. There is always a concern that once we begin compromising like this there will be no end to it and before you know it, I will dining in a restaurant with linen napkins, wearing a tie, and using a cell phone with proficiency.
As the old adage says, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drown. I am quite sure this brush with new fangled gadgetry and the big city will not have lingering affects. At least that is my hope.
In fact, plans are under way to make another Route 66 trip in the near future. This time, however, I will be in my element as we will drive a 1931 Ford! Bringing this crazy idea to fruition will take a bit of creative financing and a whole lot of planning. So, please don’t hold your breath waiting for details.
On a final note, be sure to check out the latest issue of 66 The Mother Road. Then, in early October, if you see John Springs, the publisher, on the road you can discuss the magazine in detail and perhaps get your self a slice of pie. You didn’t here that from me.

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