The treadmill is turning faster but this is often the case as the deadline for a project, the date for a promotional tour road trip, and job related due dates all converge for a near perfect storm of stress, chaos, frustration, excitement, anticipation, and exhaustion. I suppose learning to tread water rather than trying to swim upstream would be another option but that just might take the fun out this adventure we call life. 
The October promotional tour for Ghost Towns of Route 66 is turning into an excellent opportunity for sharing the spotlight with other talented authors and giving a boost to some first class museums. Updates will be provided as they become available but here is the confirmed list of venues. Additionally, information will be provided in the “Jim Hinckley will be at …” tab at the top of the page. 
To call attention to the new Berwyn Route 66 Museum, Berwyn, Illinois, author and historian Dave Clark will join me for an afternoon of discussion about Route 66 as well as a book signing. This is scheduled for the afternoon of October 5 from 3:00 t0 5:00.
On the evening of October 7, at 6:00 PM, I will be joining with acclaimed author Joe Sonderman at Connie’s Shoppe, a part of the Wagon Wheel Motel complex, in Cuba, Missouri, for a fun filled evening of music, lively conversation, and, of course, a book signing. Additional activities for this evening are being finalized.
From 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM. on October 8, Joe Sonderman and I will be at the Route 66 Museum in Lebanon, Missouri. The proceeds from this signing are going to support a very worthy organization.
At 3:00 PM, and until 5:00 PM, on the same day, I will be at the Powers Museum in Carthage, Missouri. Here too, the proceeds of all sales will go to support a very worthy cause.
Please don’t feel obligated to purchase something and please don’t miss an opportunity to visit as a result of that sense of obligation. We would love to discuss Route 66and here of your adventures on that storied highway. It would also be an excellent excuse to discover, rediscover, or explore a first rate museum or two.
As for the big wing ding in Cuba, stop on by. Connie and the fine folks of the city of Cuba are cooking up an evening of fun and first rate entertainment.
Our list of unscheduled stops is about as long as Route 66 itself. Still, if you have a gift shop or museum that carries our books, I would be pleased to stop by and sign those in inventory.
Additionally, I would be quite honored to sign books for individual fans of the legendary double six. Just bring your book by one of the scheduled locations or catch us on the road at the Midpoint Cafe, Palm Grill, Ariston Cafe, Lou Mitchell’s, Blue Swallo Motel, Cactus Motel, Cozy Dog, Munger Moss, Jerry McClanahan’s place, the Rock Cafe, Pop’s, Afton Station, Melba’s, Gary Turner’s place, ….