Well, in my corner of the world it would appear that someone flipped the switch from dry, dusty, and hot, to wet, wetter, and fall. No complaints on my end as we are in dire need of rain, especially as I have little desire to hunt (with camera or gun) jerky in a deer suit.
As is often the case, my weekend was a very busy one filled with a wide array of activities that leave me wondering where the time went.
I finished up a rather trying week at the office by noon, went home, wolfed down a lunch, worked on the current project, the Route 66 encyclopedia, and then took the evening off to celebrate twenty eight years of marriage to my dearest friend with dinner at Lombardo’s. I understand that the place would most likely not pass muster in New York City but for small town folk such as us, it was a pretty good dinner in a very nice atmosphere that came with a price just a bit toward the high end of moderate.
My dearest friend is a very gifted cook and she is always inspired to try new culinary adventures after we dine somewhere different or she talks with friends from other countries. With that said, I sense Sunday dinner might be interesting.
It never ceases to amaze me that this wonderful women married me, has forgiven and overlooked more than a few very large mistakes, and has shared the adventure of life with me for almost thirty years. Two more and I will nominate her for sainthood.
Sunday afternoon was spent over dinner with my son, his 2.5 children, and his wonderful girlfriend. That rounded out the start of the weekend with two events of the type that make the daily grind worthwhile.

On Monday morning I met with Roger Fox and the Ride for the Relay gang as they saddled up for the ride to Oatman and across the Mojave Desert. Roger was in good company for the long ride a wonderful people.
Then it was off to the attorney’s office for another round of wrapping up mom’s estate. This is not the best way to kick off a day.
Next came errands, the bank, lunch, and more work on the book. To top off a pretty good weekend, we spent the evening over coffee and cake with Harlan and Jeannie Dennis, my former pastor and mentor, and his wife, from Valentine.

Looking ahead to the next few weekends it looks as though they too will be quite busy. Activities at the county fair have been expanded to include an interesting automotive side show.
We also have the latest installment of Chillin on Beale. In the tradition of building the monthly event around a somewhat unusual theme, the September edition is a salute to Mother Truckers.
That will take us to the last rush and push for our whirlwind tour of Rout e66 in October. The schedule is stretched about as tight as spandex at a weight watchers convention and as a result I am having to decline invitations to some events that we would like to attend.
One of these is the Octoberfest in Galena scheduled for October 8. This is one of those close but no cigar situations.
On the morning of October 8, acclaimed author Joe Sonderman will be signing books and promoting the Route 66 museum in Lebanon Missouri. That afternoon I am scheduled for a similar event at the Powers Museum in Carthage.
I still have a few spots open. So, if you have need of my services to promote your museum or gift shop, drop me a note.
Now, if I can just figure out how to get out of Chicago and get to Niles, Michigan, alive, after the book signing at the Route 66 Museum in Berwyn with Dave Clark on the afternoon of the 5th.

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