Okay, it may not exactly be a million dollar idea but it is a good one even if the cornerstone is shameless self promotion on my part. What I have in mind is finding a museum or location on Route 66 that would like to hitch their horse to my wagon even though my signature isn’t really worth a great deal on checks.
I suppose “Croc” Lile deserves the credit, or blame, for this idea. See, when Ghost Towns of the Southwest was released it was suggested that I launch a limited edition series of Gilcee process prints as a companion.
Well, Croc graciously offered his gallery as a point of display and distribution. Bob has one of the last prints in that series, a hauntingly beautiful and weathered old cabin in Chloride, Arizona, for sale.
That project coupled with the recent plug for Ghost Towns of Route 66 in True West magazine in which it was noted that Kerrick James and I were being awarded the honor of photographer of the year served as a the catalyst for this idea. With that as an introduction, here is what I propose.
I would like to find a location on Route 66 that would serve as a permanent home for a display of my photographic work. This would provide me with exposure, and, I hope, a little money to keep gas in the tank for road trips. The benefit to the museum or gallery would be an opportunity for additional promotion as well as income from the sale of prints, limited edition as well as quality reprints for framing.
Like I said, it might not be a million dollar idea but …
This takes us to the next item on the list which is also a mix of shameless self promotion and a plug for some great stops on old Route 66. With that said, here is a brief update of the schedule for the Route 66 adventure in October for those who would like to catch us along the way to share some Route 66 stories or to have a book signed.
I have given careful thought to day one of the trip and concluded that making Albuquerque might be a push. It would also add to the chances of starting this trip exhausted instead of ending it that way.
So, we are going to make Grants stop number one. The problem is I have not stayed in Gallup for thirty years. Would anyone care to suggest a good, clean lodging choice in this fair city?
As a result it will be tough to make the Midpoint Cafe in time for lunch. Rest assured we will be there at some point in the early afternoon as a trip on Route 66 without a stop at the Midpoint is like going to Las Vegas but skipping the casino or the buffet.
Day two should end somewhere between McLean and Elk City. Our goal for day three will be the Munger Moss in Lebanon but everything in between is a blank at this time.
We will be making a number of stops to sign books, have about a dozen meet and greet stops pending, and three approved. These are at the Route 66 Museum in Berwyn with Dave Clark on the afternoon of the 5th, at the Wagon Wheel Motel in Cuba with Joe Sonderman on the 7th, the Route 66 Museum in Lebanon on the morning of the 8th, and at the Powers Museum in Carthage late on the afternoon of the 8th.
Now, the last item is unrelated to Route 66, unless you like small detours. Can anyone provide me with an evaluation of the Cave Restaurant in Richland, Missouri about a dozen miles north of old 66? This place has grabbed my attention and I am seriously debating a stop.