The title for this chapter of my life would be “The Clock Is Ticking.” In two weeks we again take to the road and between now and then there are a multitude of tasks to finish.

The deadline for the Route 66 encyclopedia is just over two months away. Between now and then there are a multitude of minute details to confirm to ensure accuracy and several hundred photos to acquire on the forthcoming trip.
Fifty is fast fading from view in the mirror and sixty is now looming at the top of the hill. Meanwhile, even though there has been great progress in the quest to become a writer when I grow up, that goal still is proving elusive.
While the clock counts down the seconds, I fight that distraction and instead strive to focus on the tasks at hand as well as the adventure that awaits us on America’s most famous highway. Yesterday, Ron Hart, the Route 66 Chamber of Commerce, invited me to a private tour of the historic Boots Motel that was recently rescued from the wrecking ball.
The El Trovatore Motel dates to 1939.

I hope the preservation of this historic property will serve as the inspiration and the catalyst for the salvation of similar historic locations. There are two in Kingman, the El Trovatore and the Bell’s Motel, that I hope will be taken along the course of the Boots Motel rather than transformation into another vacant lot or a Walgreens. Here too, I hear the clock ticking.

Promotion is in high gear for the book signings at the Route museums in Berwyn and Lebanon, at the Powers Museum in Carthage, and at Connie’s Shop (Wagon Wheel Motel) in Cuba. I have trouble expressing how wonderful it feels to be in a position to help museums and the mom and pop shops that make Route 66 the nations longest attraction. The frosting on the cake for these events is the people I meet. 

Bell’s Motel

Another exciting aspect of the trip will be discussions to find a suitable location for a full time display of our photographic work. This is an idea I have kicked around for a while but only made a public announcement yesterday. To say the very least, the response has been quite surprising.
In my humble opinion this will be a wind win situation. I obtain increased exposure. The museum has a new avenue for promotion and fund raising. There is wider exposure for the Route 66 community. I will keep you posted.

Now, a couple of quick Kingman notes. This weekend is the Mohave County Fair and Motorsports event. Tonight in the historic district it is another installment of Chillin on Beale Street.
As a final note, I have a question. If I were to loose my mind and decide to add another task to the schedule, would there be interest in having me as a tour guide to the lost world of Route 66 in Kingman?

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