I am finalizing a few details at the office, my wife is packing the rental car, the caretakers are being given the tour, and then we take to that magic carpet of asphalt signed with two sixes as we journey east to Chicago. And so begins another adventure.
Actually the adventure began last evening. Gwen, the proprietor of the local Budget rental car agency set us up with a new Ford Focus. For folks who are just getting comfortable with a vehicle that has air conditioning, and that enjoys the lack of limitations a dirt road imposes by driving a ’98 Jeep Cherokee, this little car represents a quantum leap into the future.
When one considers that I still drive a 1968 Dodge truck as a daily driver, on purpose, was recently looking at a 1922 Ford for local transportation, that my dream vehicle is a 1931 Ford truck, and that ten years ago our stable consisted of a 1950 Chevy truck and ’73 Olds 88, the gadgets on the Focus make it seem almost as though I have been beamed aboard the star ship Enterprise. Hello, Buck Rogers!
In addition to experiencing the latest in 21st century automotive technology, this trip will be unique from a number of aspects and it will give us another opportunity to play hillbilly in the big city. This time, instead of L.A. it will be Chicago.
Our last excursion to Chicago was, to say the very least, educational. On this particular trip we took the train from Kingman, rented a car in the city, and headed for Michigan.
After an absence from that city of almost thirty years, I got lost and we found ourselves in an very interesting neighborhood where it looked as though they filmed disaster movies, the dominant ethnic group was not Caucasian, and we had the privilege of explaining to my son why the girls on the corner were wearing clothes that they had obviously outgrown. As fascinating as this excursion was, I am hoping for the avoidance of a repeat performance.
Reports from the road with be spotty at best. However, upon our return I promise lots of photos, updates on the state of Route 66, the travel tips you have come to expect, and the sharing of my insights on the state of the nation.
Meanwhile, I hope to see you on the road. Our scheduled appearances are listed at the tab on the top of this page.

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