Okay. I take a small package to the post office, the clerk weighs it, informs me of the cost, I pay, accept my receipt and leave, foolishly assuming the package is well on it way. It was, to my house.
The package mailed on Monday was in my mail box last night. It was returned as a result of postage due in the amount of fourteen cents.
Cort, your package is in the mail. Again.
I am diligently racing the clock to beat the December deadline and exhaustion is rearing its ugly head. A day job plus five hours per night on the encyclopedia is taking its toll but I do have to admit, it is the most enjoyable work possible.
Now, lets talk enthusiasm. I am very excited about this new book and am eager to see it made available. I almost feel as though a time capsule has been created, a feeling greatly enhanced by the contributions of Steve Rider, Joe Sonderman, Mike Ward, and a few other fans of the legendary Route 66.
For several weeks I have hinted of something special looming on the horizon. I am still not at liberty to discuss the particulars but after meeting with Josh Noble, the tourism director here in Kingman, this morning we moved one step closer to making this project a reality. Stay tuned for details as they become available.
We have been blessed with a pretty spectacular fall here in northwestern Arizona this year. Still, this old desert rat has lived here long enough to know that when it stays nice this long, and this late into the season, the change will come quite fast.
On Sunday when my dearest friend and I climbed high into the Cerbat Mountains (I forgot to post pictures!) it was a pretty nice seventy degree day by the time we returned. This morning there was a hint of chill in the air on the walk to work and now I have learned we are to expect snow and sub freezing temperatures by the weekend.
Well, a dusting of snow might give the weekend photo assignment a bit of a snap. The desert and snow presents a pretty stark contrast.
It is only the first week of the month but in typical fashion, at least for us, it is shaping up to a busy time. There is the deadline for the book, the aforementioned project, the day job, Thanksgiving, my sons wedding, negotiation for the next book contract, two magazine articles to write, and in my spare time, a small list of needed home repairs that includes installing the baseboard in the office where I installed a floor three years ago.
The schedule for December looks a bit light. Of course I still have three weeks to fix that!