I entitled this post “In Case You Were Wondering” because there is so much to share today. I am quite sure there is something in today’s post that will answer questions you may not even have asked yet.
Let’s start with a deligthful blending of the modern era and the golden age of Route 66. This little gem, 66 The Mother Road, is a relative newcomer as the first issue of this exciting new online magazine made its debut just a few months ago.
In my humble opinion you will soon see great things from this publication. If you want the world to notice your Route 66 business or museum this might be something to look into. If you are simply fascinated about the Route 66 phenomena, or need a Route 66 fix during the cold months of winter, you might want to spend some time turning these virtual pages and then you can count down the days until the next issue is published.
As an indication of just how old I am, consider the fact that in days gone by my day often started with the newspaper. Well, I have found a replacement of sorts, a great place for keeping abreast of the latest news from all along the most famous highway in America, Route 66 News.
I have been wandering around on this now iconic highway for more than a half century and still need a map. The best guide I am aware of for traveling Route 66 is the EZ guide penned by Jerry McClanahan. You can pick up a copy through the National Route 66 Federation website and then follow the directions to Jerry’s gallery just off Route 66 to have it autographed.
While you are there I suggest picking up a copy of the dining guide as well. It is also something we travel with. As a bonus, your purchase will go a long ways in supporting an organization that is very important to keeping the legacy of this old road alive and well for the next generation.
Here is another way to support the Route 66 community. One of the tabs at the top of the page has a list of locations where signed copies of my books are available (Connie’s Shoppe at the Wagon Wheel Motel, the Blue Swallow Motel, etc.). If you buy a copy of my books at these or any other location on Route 66, and will send me a copy of the receipt, I will send you a signed 10×11 print of a photo from the blog for just $5.00 plus $2.00 shipping via media mail.
Acclaimed author and historian Joe Sonderman has a new book coming out soon. This time he has joined with historian and author Jim Ross to chronicle the history of Route 66 in Oklahoma. Follow this link to Joe’s website, a virtual tour along Route 66 and through time with the use of historic picture postcards, for ordering information.
I still have this idea of driving Route 66 in a vintage vehicle, hopefully a Model A, next year. Would anyone be interested in loosely organizing or joining a Route 66 rally or tour next fall?  
I would be remiss if there wasn’t at least one plug for my books. To date I have penned four travel guides/history books and it is with absolute honesty that they are recommended as valuable guides to adventures on the road less traveled in Arizona, New Mexico, and along Route 66.  
In the right column of the blog is ordering information for a special package that includes all of these guides, plus a signed print suitable for framing. If you enjoy road trips, planning road trips, inspiring some one to take road trips, or like trivia about road trips these books are for you.
The blog has been under going some subtle adjustment in the last few days. If you will notice the tabs at the top of the page there is now information about photo exhibits, speaking engagements, and photo purchases.
The idea of lending my services as a guide is still being tossed about but if you have a need in this area please let me know. Perhaps I can work something out or at least find someone who can assist with the request.
Did I forget anything? If so, please drop me a note –

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