The age of gadgetry, electronic marvels, and other distractions continues to intrigue me. I am now using a Facebook page initiated by my previous publicist and seeing a fan club of sorts develop. How odd is that?
I posted some photos from the Monday hike into the Black Mountains and was rather surprised by the response and comments. I will post a few here this afternoon or later this evening.
The idea of taking the time capsule feel of Route 66 one step further by cruising that old road in something older than I am is beginning to dominate the 2012 plans. As noted previously, I had wanted to make the journey in a Model A Ford but have now centered the focus on a Nash, Studebaker, or Hudson manufactured between 1947 and 1953.
I am quite familiar with the Chevrolet vehicles built during these years but for this adventure would want something different, something unique, a vehicle that provides an opportunity to fill a gap in my automotive knowledge. An additional reason for leaning in this direction is fuel economy and performance.
Hudson during these years dominated the racing circuit. In fact, some of the records set did not fall until the early 1980s.
Automobiles manufactured by all three of these companies, especially when equipped with the three speed manual transmission and overdrive, consistently delivered in excess of 20 miles per gallon at speed of 65 and 70 miles per hour. The Nash 600 tested out in the 25 to 30 mile per gallon range!
Funding the adventure might be the major stumbling block. As these companies bit the dust decades ago company sponsorship is out of the question. So, my creative imagination is thinking that perhaps there is a sponsor that would like their company associated with such a crazy stunt and that wouldn’t mind having their names pasted on the doors.
I am quite sure there would be a book in this adventure! It would be almost like having a time machine – six volt electrics, overdrive, AM radio, the Wagon Wheel Motel, Midpoint Cafe, Blue Swallow Motel, wicker picnic basket, and hundreds of two lane miles on a highway signed with two sixes.
Would anyone else be willing to dust off the old car in the garage and tag along. We could fill old motels and cafe parking lots transforming them into time capsule photo opportunites. We could have the adventure of a lifetime!
Pipe dreams. Pipe dreams that might become realities. Aren’t these a few of the things that make the daily grind tolerable?

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