Perhaps it would be best if I began today’s post with an explanation of the title. The sigh of relief comes from knowing that the Route 66 encyclopedia will be on the way to the publisher Monday. With exception of the final edit, photo selection, and then caption writing, the two year project is over.
The rising anxiety always arrives at this stage of a book. What did I miss? What did I forget? Did I type the date as being 1983 instead of 1938? I have learned that, at least for me, these nagging doubts are simply part and parcel of the writing process.
After a week or so they subside to a point that they are hardly noticed. Of course, I have never attempted a project of this magnitude, scope, or importance before.
As I have a very active and colorful imagination, looking toward the future is never very structured. My thoughts are like a covey of startled quail. All I can do is grab one and then decide how to cook it.
Projects simmering on the back burner always take priority at this stage but holding the imagination in check can be exhausting. At this time these include trying to interest the publisher in another book idea, development of a photo exhibit for a tourism center, finding a location for a permanent photo gallery, laying the ground work for next springs promotion of Ghost Towns of Route 66 and Ghost Towns of the Southwest, and building a framework for the promotion of the Route 66 Encyclopedia.
Each of these potential projects is multifaceted with a wide array of options. To sort them out requires a number of long walks with my dearest friend, at least that provides an adequate excuse for taking to the hills, the deserts, and the back roads.
Another excuse would be the delightful weather and winter, the ideal time for seeking the lost treasures and the wonders of the desert back country. With that thought in mind, I wonder what the weather forecast for the weekend is?

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