The constricted schedule continues to dominate the day. So, this afternoons post will be quite short.
I would be quite remiss in not saying it is my sincere hope that each of you is blessed with a delightful Thanksgiving filled with food, friends, and family. It is also my sincere hope that those of you who are alone this holiday will find opportunity to ease the loneliness of someone else, that those who are tight on funds and food, will find something for which to be thankful, and that those with abundance will find it in their heart to share with the less fortunate. 
As promised, tomorrow I will post my annual Thanksgiving message. Please remember, it is not my intent to offend but to provide a bit of context to this American holiday, and, perhaps to encourage deep thinking as well as debate.
For those who are convinced this is a secular nation, be prepared to have those beliefs challenged. And for those of you that lament the loss of what was once a Christian nation, you too may find yourself with a few beliefs that need rethinking.
Until Thursday –

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