To drive all or part of legendary Route 66 is an adventure without equal. However, with just a little bit of planning that adventure can be transformed into an odyssey worthy of Jason and the Argonauts. And what better way is there to while away the long winter nights than with a little planning and a whole lot of road trip dreaming?
In my humble opinion there are two key cornerstones for planning a trip along Route 66. One is Route 66 News, a site that keeps me abreast of the latest developments along the highway. However, it is also an excellent reference source for a wide array of Route 66 related information and websites.
The second is the website for the National Historic Route 66 Federation. In addition to current events and a wide array of links, there is a gift shop where you can order several of their publications. Two that are “must haves” to ensure you get the most out of any Route 66 based road trip are the EZ 66 Guide by Jerry McClanahan, and the dining and lodging guide. We rely on both of these guides during our travels. 

The essence of any road trip, especially one along this storied highway, is avoidance of a schedule that transforms the journey into a series of deadlines. Still, if you plan on staying at any of the popular motels along the way such as the Wigwam Motel in Rialto, Wagon Wheel Motel in Cuba,  Blue Swallow Motel or Motel Safari in Tucumcari, or Munger Moss in Lebanon, reservations are a must, especially during the months of spring, summer, and fall when Route 66 is almost as busy as it was fifty years ago.
In addition to the lodging guide, I also depend on this website that lists motels along Route 66 and honestly rates them from personal experience. The site is the brain child of Emily Priddy, the wife of Ron Warnick who is the man behind the curtain at Route 66 News.
Two more quick notes on lodging. As noted in a recent post, the historic El Trovatore Motel in Kingman is again open as a motel with several rooms “restored” and the rest of the complex awaiting its turn.

Historic El Trovatore Motel in Kingman

As an introductory special the refurbished rooms, with many original or period features, are renting for $39.99, a rate that includes breakfast for two at a local restaurant. Even though the property is being refurbished, as with any motel it is always a good idea to see the rooms before renting. This limits disapointment and bad press at a time when the motel is fighting to overcome a repuation. For more information, or to reserve a room, call 928-753-6520.
If your schedule allows for a bit of a detour, I strongly suggest an evening or weekend in the historic district of Prescott, Arizona, about fifty miles sout of Ashfork. If you are in a Route 66 frame of mind this delightful time capsule will do nothing but enhance that sensation.
There are several historic hotels in the downtown area and each has its own unique charm. However, we seem to gravitate to the Hassayampa Inn as it fits our style and it is within walking distance of many attractions, as well as the wide array of restaurants in the historic district.
Now, it may be a bit late to get a few of these items on the Christmas wish list, unless you happen to celebrate that holiday in a Russian custom. But this link to the website and Route 66 books page. However, before ordering I suggest you check the websites for some of the Route 66 museums, and the on line gift shops such as the one for the Blue Swallow Motel, as then your purchase will help preserve the road and its unique culture.
The authors I can recommend are –
Me, of course, – Jim Hinckley
Joe Sonderman
Jim Ross
Jerry McClanahan
David Clark
Scott Piotrowski
Drew Knowles
Russell Olsen
I am unsure if there will be time to squeeze in a post on Saturday or Sunday. So, if I don’t see you before Monday, it is my sincere hope that you and your family are richly blessed this Christmas, this holiday season, and in the year to come.

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