The post today will be a bit shorter than usual as I am still fighting a miserable cold and there are a multitude of loose ends to tie up before our annual New Years road trip. But to make up for this I promise lots of exciting news. So, lets get started.
The latest issue of 66 The Mother Road, a free, full color electronic magazine is now available. If the latest issue is a hint of what we can expect from the publishers, John and Judy Springs, in 2012, it will be a very exciting year indeed.
The next item of note pertains to the latest book from Joe Sonderman, Route 66 in Oklahoma. All of Joe’s books are welcome additions to the library and this one continues that tradition.
Joe partnered with Jim Ross, one third of the Three Musketeers of Route 66 in Oklahoma, for this work. So, you not only have treasures from Joe’s vast collection of vintage postcards and photographs, as well as his extensive knowledge of the subject, you have some of Jim’s as well.
If you have an hour or two to spare you can stroll down memory lane from Chicago to Santa Monica on Joe’s website. You may also order signed copies of his books through this site as well.
On June 7th, Tucumcari will be the place to be. Wheels on 66, a part of the New Mexico Route 66 Motor Tour celebration kicks off its first year in grand style.
The last item of the day is does not fit our time of good news. In fact, it is the flip side of the coin.
Roy Dunton, a prominent businessmen in Kingman whose association with Route 66 includes working at his uncles shop in Goldroad during the 1930s, transforming the Kimo Cafe into Mr. D’z Route 66 Diner, and operating the Chevrolet, Ford, and Edsel franchises in Kingman along Route 66, had his home burglarized over the holidays. Missing is a very rare commemorative Body by Fischer coach and figurines, one of 6,000 produced.
The family is offering a $2,000 reward for information leading to the recovery of the item. I will post pictures as soon as possible but if you have any information the family may be contacted at 928-279-4629 and the police department number is 928-753-2191.

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