A new year is upon us and I am dusting off a couple of old ideas. The print of the month feature introduced in 2011 proved to be quite popular and I have decided to bring it back for the new year.
The first print to be offered will be the illustration that heads this blog. A different print will be offered every month. Details including cost and ordering information will be provided by the end of the week.
Special orders for prints of photos that have appeared on this blog, or orders for custom sized prints, can also be filled. Please contact me in regard to specific needs.
Signed copies of Ghost Towns of Route 66, and other titles I have written are still available. If there is lag time between your order and the receipt of my order from the publisher, you will be notified. However, at this time I foresee no delays.
One last note. Before we get to far into the new year, I would like to say thank you for the input, the ideas, and suggestions in 2011.
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