Modern technology never ceases to amaze me even though I prefer simple things like a Model A Ford, an open road, and pie and coffee at some place like the Midpoint Cafe in Adrian, Texas. More on this subject in just a moment.
On Monday, I had a most interesting conference call with Carolyn Hasenfratz and Mark Rice of Webinar Resources. The topic of discussion was promotion of the forthcoming Route 66 encyclopedia in the modern electronic age including the use of Q-codes.
Tied with this was the secondary topic of a promoting the proposed Route 66 tour from behind the wheel of a vintage automobile, ways to utilize this unique approach as an educational device for sparking an interest in history in general with students, and the acquisition of corporate sponsors for this endeavor. I lean toward a Hudson Hornet for the venture for a wide array of reasons including the association this vehicle has with the movie Cars.
Still, I have had an almost life long fascination for the Model A Ford and feel that a vehicle such as this could serve as a key foundational element for educating children about the Great Depression, the role Route 66 played in the transformation of the nation and its society, and vintage vehicles as tangible time capsules. Shortly after our conversation I had time to reflect on what had been learned, as well as ways to transform the idea into a reality, while waiting for the dentist to finish his work.
On Tuesday, I found that Fred Woods, a local auctioneer, had dropped off a flyer at the office for an upcoming auction. Right there at the top was the Model A truck envisioned, just rough enough to look as though it were a dust bowl refugee but not so rough that it looked as though it were ready for a WWII scrap drive.
Oddly enough, I have never owned, driven, or worked on a Model A even though my fascination for these vehicles dates back at least 45 years. I have played around with Model T Fords, Hudson’s of various vintages, and a staggering array of trucks manufactured between 1942 and 1975 but never a Model A.
So, I now had another item to file away and to intrude on the more immediate plans such as income tax preparation, captions for the encyclopedia, trolling for the next contract and work, and the myriad details associated with a 2012 calendar that is quickly becoming a tiger by the tail.
On February 26, I will be at Bookworks in Albuquerque, New Mexico. On March 11, I have business in Santa Monica and possible Burbank.
On April 14, I have been invited to the Oklahoma Center for the Book, 23rd Annual Oklahoma Book Awards celebration in Oklahoma City. The evening of the 19th is being set aside to meet, in Kingman, with Lon Haldman’s group who will be bicycling Route 66.
The Route 66 Fun Run in Kingman is scheduled for the first weekend in May. Then I will use my first week of vacation to attend the Wheels on 66 event in Tucucmcari, scheduled for June 7th through the 9th, a part of the New Mexico Route 66 Motor Tour.
On June 19th, we have the long anticipated visit with Dries Bessels, his wife Marion, and their tour group for Holland. Dinner at Redneck’s Barbeque in Kingman and lively conversation are the hallmark of the visit.
In July, the Route 66 in Mohave County exhibit will be unveiled at the Powerhouse Visitor Center. I am quite honored to have been selected as the photographer for this project.
Next on the calendar of events is the International Route 66 Festival scheduled for August 9th through the 12th in Victorville, California. Then there is a lull and the big one, the one we are counting the days for, Cuba Fest in Cuba, Missouri.
The excuse for this adventure, one that will consume my second week of vacation is the launch of the Route 66 encyclopedia and atlas. But in all honesty, we really need very little reason to visit the wonderful people in Cuba, to relax at the Wagon Wheel Motel and visit with Connie, or catch up with old friends such as Joe Sonderman, Dean Kennedy, and Rich Dinklella.
It is a schedule that makes me grateful for a day job to support the writing habit! Will you be joining us for a little fun and adventure on Route 66 in 2012?

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