This past weekend gave me a litany of reasons to retreat to 1930, a time when the existent technologies did not dictate or dominate life, and they could be understood and repaired by most anyone with common sense and a box of basic tools. 
On Saturday morning my attempt to provide a few exciting updates about Route 66 to the bog was met with a tab reading “Blogger Dashboard” and a blank page. Suffice to say, between my dearest friend and I we were able to figure it out. 
Of course it required the loss of almost an entire day, a couple of beers, lots of prayer to avoid giving the computer a case of high velocity lead poisoning, and greatly elevated blood pressure. To say the very least, this past couple of days have solidified my belief that the modern electronic age and the society built upon it is a great deal like an inverted pyramid.
It was the type of weekend that has you looking forward to work for a bit of rest. In addition to the computer issues there was a bit of touch and go with my daughter in law (for a time it looked as though our granddaughter would be arriving a few weeks early) and as a result we had the grandchildren, an inquisitive 15 month old grandson and a delightful four year old granddaughter that likes to test the boundaries. 
In between I worked on development of a business and marketing plan that will be utilized for the solicitation of corporate sponsorship for the envisioned Route 66 promotional tour that will include an educational program for schools, and the publicity for the new book, a Route 66 encyclopedia, as well as the previous book, Ghost Towns of Route 66. The idea is to use the promotion of these books as a venue for the promotion of the road, its unique culture, the people who give it life and vitality, and to educate a new generation about its importance to the evolution of American society. Lofty goals to say the very least. 
There are a great number of developments on Route 66 that I look forward to sharing with you. So, this evening I will get these posted. 
In the mean time there are a few meetings to attend, a dentist appointment, and other pressing details. 
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