In working through the final edit for the Route 66 encyclopedia I developed a sense that the editor was about to pull her hair out at times. Here is an entry for something as obscure as the Horn Oil Company of Albuquerque that consumes a half page while the entry for a “town” like Prewitt, New Mexico is a succinct couple of lines. 

Not much can be said for a small ranching outpost with pre statehood origins where a couple of entrepreneurial cowboys established a trading post in a large tent along the National Old Trails Highway in 1916. Jack Rittenhouse, in 1946, noted the trading post and said no other services were available. 
From its inception I envisioned a book that provided a reason and a story for every dot on the map from Chicago to Santa Monica. This was to be the foundation. In my quest to create a Route 66 time capsule nothing and no place was deemed to obscure for inclusion. 
Now, with the final edit of entries “A” through “Q” complete, I will turn my attention to the writing of captions for the thousand or so images while awaiting the editor to send “R” through “Z”. Meanwhile, another project that demands immediate attention is the penning of an article on Glenrio and Endee that will be a feature in the March issue of 66 The Mother Road

I am looking forward to the next issue. In addition to the crime and punishment theme, they will be providing details about their massive Route 66 contest that will culminate with the awarding of a wide array of prizes at the Wagon Wheel Motel  during Cuba Fest in Cuba, Missouri. 

With the completion of the captions, due by March 1, the publisher will create a galley proof for a final evaluation. Then its off to the printer and a touch of the worries that accompany every book written. What did I miss or overlook? Are the dates correct? How will it be received? Will it enhance the Route 66 experience and encourage the uninitiated to discover its wonders and treasures? 
With the latter in mind I have almost completed a business plan for the solicitation of corporate sponsorship to fund my combination educational/promotional/media tour along Route 66. In talking with Ron of the Route 66 Chamber of Commerce, thoughts are again turning toward the original idea of utilizing a bone stock Model A for this venture. This would allow for the development of an educational program centered on the Great Depression. 
Would you care to share your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions about this lofty goal? 
Well, the next post will be landmark number 1,000. A few days ago I asked for ideas on how to celebrate this momentous occasion. One of the best ideas to be submitted was this -“Why not offer dinner, and some good Route 66 conversation, with a signed book.”
Do you have a suggestion?

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