Well, here we are, post number 1,000. When this adventure in blogging began a milestone such as this was unimaginable. After all, it started off as a simple experiment in my ongoing endeavor to move into the world of the late twentieth century, even though the rest of the world was already well into the first years of the twenty first century. 
From its inception the blog has revolved around my fascination with the resurgent interest in Route 66, and a life long love of the road less traveled as well as old trucks. Around this simple theme I shared stories of my misspent youth and adventures of discovery in Arizona as well as New Mexico, shared our road trips, introduced readers to Barney the wonder truck, and documented the often darkly comedic quest to become a writer. 
It has been a grand adventure to say the very least. But the greatest reward is in the letters and notes received from readers, and the people we have met as a result of the blog, books, written, and photographs shared. 
So, as we begin the journey to 2,000, I feel a special thank you is in order. Without the notes and letters of encouragement, and the notes of thanks received in regard to assistance given, I would have given up on this endeavor long ago. 
With that said, I would like to do more than just say thank you, I would like to express my gratitude. After evaluation of the responses received when I asked for input about how to celebrate this momentous occasion, the decision was made to give it a Route 66 theme as that old road has been the centerpiece of this blog, and most of my life since 1959. 
The deadline for submission will be May 1 of this year. The prize is dinner, my treat, lively conversation about Route 66, and a signed copy of Ghost Towns of Route 66. 
All you have to do is submit a letter about what Route 66 means to you. I will select a letter from those submitted, share excerpts here on the blog with your permission, notify the winner by May 15, and then make arrangements to coordinate my schedule to meet with you along Route 66, or when you stop by Kingman. 
Again thank you. I look forward to hearing from you. 

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