Yesterday, I asked a few questions about Route 66 locations that had me stumped. I am quite sure the answers could have been pried out of hours of research but instead turned to the Route 66 community. 
With that said, a special thanks to the fine folks in Carthage, specifically at the Powers Museum, and Joe Sonderman. As I have but a few weeks to finish this project, and a few more loose ends and unanswered questions, I ask the Route 66 community to please stand by. 
When I first announced the commencement of this project Laurel Kane, in her delightful blog about the adventures involved with Afton Station (it is listed below in my favorite blogs), delicately informed the world that a touch of crazy would be needed to take on a project such as this. First there is the magnitude of the undertaking. Then there was her well expressed concern about the hell to pay that will come with any exclusion. 
She was right. This book will not and can not be all inclusive. However, it will be the most comprehensive book yet written about Route 66, of that I am quite confident. It will also serve as a solid foundation for those wanting to explore, to dig deeper for answers. 
It will also be as unique as the old highway itself and that is made evident in the speed of response to my questions. See, I merely chronicled the story in this book. The Route 66 community past and present wrote it. 
Every book and every article I pen requires assistance from experts, researchers, and those in the know. Ghost Towns of Route 66, and now the Route 66 encyclopedia, took this to new levels. 
The Route 66 community has been so supportive and so quick to assist it would be almost impossible for me to take credit. I hope the Route 66 community will be satisfied with the final product. 
Okay, lets talk about the contest with a grand prize of an evening of Route 66 conversation, dinner on me, and a signed copy of Ghost Towns  of Route 66. Here too, the response has been rather surprising. 
As a reminder, the deadline for entry is May 1. All you need to do to enter is send me a brief note about Route 66 and what it means to you, and permission to reprint your story here on the blog. Final arrangements of date, time, and place will be worked out with the winner. 
The last note of the day pertains to Cuba Fest, the promotional tour for the new book, and a unique advertising opportunity. We are still in search of a major sponsor who would like to see their company logo and name on a vintage car driven along Route 66, on promotional materials, and in the media exposure that results. I should also note this is an opportunity to support the educational process as my goal is take Route 66, and the old car, to the schools in an effort to stir excitement about history.