The schedule is again a bit tight and as a result today’s post is a bit short in length but long in content. 
Rich Dinkela is on the road and headed west. The primary focus of this trip is his commendable effort to mark obscure and older alignments of Route 66. Along the way he is posting video snippets that are quite interesting. 
On the book front I am sorry to say that with the exception of the few books left in my inventory that are sold through this blog,  Ghost Towns of Route 66 is sold out until March 15. I am pleased to announce that this will be the third printing, an indication that folks are as intrigued with ghost towns, specifically ghost towns along America’s most famous highway as I am. 
In a few short days the latest issue of 66 The Mother Road  will be available. I am particularly excited about this issue as details about Cuba Fest and a very exciting contest will be provided. 
The annual Route 66 Fun Run (on the first weekend in May) is something we look forward to every year. This year we have added reason for eager anticipation, I will be signing copies of Ghost Towns of Route 66 as well as copies of Ghost Towns of the Southwest, and having dinner with Dale Butel and his tour group from Australia on Saturday evening. 
Meeting the various groups traveling Route 66, answering and asking questions, and just sharing the camaraderie that comes from a shared passion for that highway are one of the perks. This year I will be meeting up with three of Dale’s group, with Dries Bessels tour from Holland, and with Wolfgang Wertz to name but a few. 
  Last but not least this morning, kudos to Jim Ross, Jerry McClanahan, and Shellee Graham. This is from Shellee

  • We’re very excited to announce that our book “ROUTE 66 SIGHTINGS” has been selected as a FINALIST in the 2012 Oklahoma BOOK AWARDS! YAY!
    {The Awards will be announced in April.

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