For regular followers of the blog you may have noticed a few changes in the past week or so. This morning we took the changes a step further and moved the blog closer to the late 20th century, maybe even the 21st century, with a variety of link options including ones for ordering this blog as well as my books on Kindle.
As always, your input, ideas, and suggestions would be most appreciated. Additionally, if you like what you see, please feel free to share. Complaints will also be tolerated.

The ongoing search for a coporate sponsor (or two) to underwrite a Route 66 promotional tour in exchange for a unique advertising opportunity is ongoing. Meanwhile, what has been decided is this – the prmary vehicle of choice will be a legendary Hudson Hornet.
Now, another installment in the ongoing series, “So, You Want To Be A Writer.” A talent for the craft of writing is crucial if that is your goal. However, if but one lesson has been learned in my two decade quest to become a writer when I grow up is it is this, contacts trump talent (at least to get your foot in the door). Once the door is open you need skill to keep to it open.
Case in point. About twenty years ago I penned a few features for Old Cars Weekly where Brad Bowling was holding down the position of editor. Flash forward a dozen years and we find Brad Bowling at the helm of Cars & Parts.
Given the task of making the venerable old magazine competitive, he turned to a select number of writers met during his tenure at Old Cars Weekly, and asked them to write a monthly column. The resultant Independent Thinker column turned out to be one of my most enjoyable endeavors as a writer.
Well, all good things do come to an end and the harsh economic climate proved to be the final nail in the coffin for this pioneering magazine but not the strange and winding association with Mr. Bowling. Now, it appears as though I will be riding into the world of car auctions on his coat tails. My assignment will be the writing of entries for the auction catalog.
If you long to be a writer, and envision fame, fortune, and an ocean side home in Malibu, I suggest a long cold shower. Follow this with careful evaluation of just how flexible and thick skinned you are. Last but not least, I would suggest a few summer weeks spent cleaning stables to serve as an illustrated lesson of what the future holds.
Even though my quest is ongoing, and the road has been somewhat rocky, I happen to like the rough and dusty trail. So, my road as a writer has been fraught with frustration and some of the most exciting adventures imaginable. Bottom line – no complaints.
There are a wide array of travel plans being made for the next six weeks but all of them include the “neighborhood.” We are still working on the Route 66 in Mohave County exhibit, there is a mile by mile ebook travel guide for Route 66 between Crookton Road and Topock in the works, and the federal jury duty in Prescott rescheduled for April.
A couple of quick closing notes –
Keep sending in your entries. The contest doesn’t end until May 1.
Don’t forget to get in on the fantastic contest being promoted by 66 The Mother Road. A link for this publication is found in the left hand column at the top of the 66 Information Center section.

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