If you are sick of the “vote for me and I will take money out of the neighbors pocket for you just to make things fair” or “vote for me and I will protect your God given right to make a fortune and squander it without thought of those in need” I have some very bad news. 
One, the presidential election cycle is just getting started. In fact, it has not even shifted from first to second gear.
Two, those running for the highest office in the land may appear to have your best interest at heart but this is an illusion as in reality they are mere manifestations of Will Roger’s quip about having the best politicians money can buy. 
So, if your already suffering from political overload, if your being overcome by the increasingly odoriferous scent of politicians during the rutting season, if your blood pressure is on the rise in direct correlation with the increasing awareness that you are being played for a sap, I have but one suggestion. Road trip!
Long or short, one day or one week really isn’t important as the road trip has amazing powers for restoring a troubled soul and a cloudy mind. I would be quite remiss if I did not note the highway of choice, if at possible, should be Route 66. 
Take the kids and visit Rich Henry at Henry’s Rabbit Ranch, the Deer Farm near Williams, or the Blue Whale in Catoosa. If money is tight, after all it is tax season, then introduce them to the wonders of the desert at Amboy Crater, the majesty of the Mississippi River with a Chain of Rocks Bridge river crossing, or the Rio Grande Zoo in Albuquerque. 
Make it a romantic weekend getaway with a leisurely drive through the beauty of the Missouri Ozarks, dinner at the Cave Restaurant in Richland, Missouri, and a restful night lost in the world of We Like Ike buttons at the Munger Moss in Lebanon or the Wagon Wheel Motel in Cuba, Missouri. 
So, if you have an allergic manifestation to B.S that manifests as depression, rage, and anger, or if you have a very low tolerance level for B.S., you might start making plans for lots of road trips this year be they on Route 66 or scenic U.S. 12, highway 101 or the Dixie Highway –  just pick one and go. Next week pick another. After all, election season is escapism season and this season is shaping up to be a particularly lengthy one.