Adventure is often a matter of perspective. For some folks anything less than an African safari or swimming with the sharks along the Great Barrier Reefs falls short of the term adventure. At the other end of the scale are people like me who have steadfastly held onto the concept of adventure that they have had since their sixth birthday.

I find adventure in the walk to work, in my job, in my evening dinner, in my quest to become a writer when I grow up, and even in a shopping trip to Walmart or Safeway. Granted, I prefer adventures on a larger scale and that is the subject of this evenings rumination.
It was about this time last year when a friend introduced me to the Johnson Canyon railroad tunnel through pictures he had taken on a recent trip. The thought of that beautiful canyon, the artistry of the stone mason made evident in the tunnel facing that dates to the early 1880s, and countless articles such as the one in the link above, have simmered for months.
Deadlines and commitments over the past year prevented an actual expedition to Johnson Canyon. Then a few days ago Ron Warnick featured a story on Route 66 News about the early alignment of Route 66 west of Williams being utilized as a hiking and bicycle trail. As a segment of this alignment is utilized to reach Johnson Canyon, the desire to explore the area reached a fever pitch.
So, we have decided that in the next few weeks a trip to Johnson Canyon will be made a priority. Then we can decide if further explorations are warranted and if so, we may have found our summer getaway as the high country is the place to be in the summer. Besides, what better place to camp and avoid summer storms than in an old railroad tunnel (see link above for photo)?
Meanwhile, I have a domestic adventure that is requiring attention very soon and that is the repair or replacement of a tub surround in the main bathroom. The catch 22 in this relatively simple project is the small matter of window in the back wall that would necessitate cutting a surround and then fabricating a waterproof fix for the window frame. I am quite sure this will be an adventure. Any one out there have ideas or suggestions?

The view from the Mesa Trail

The rapid approach of summer means we will have but a short time to enjoy the delights of the Mesa Trail at Cool Springs. This was one of our favorite local discoveries in 2011 and we would hate to have to wait for fall to make another trip. So, that means I have another little adventure to look forward to.
In looking toward the months ahead all I see are adventures stretching toward the distant horizon. But as exciting as Johnson Canyon and a trip to Cuba may be, the greatest adventure of all is my role as a grandfather that is still developing.
For those who take the time to look, the opportunity for adventure is found with every turn. For those who develop the ability to see adventure at every turn boredom is word without meaning.

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