The sporadic posting schedule this past week or so is resultant of my recent discovery that it is impossible to squeeze twenty-six hours of work, family issues, and the myriad details associated with tax season and estate settlement into a twenty-four hour period. I have joked and hinted quite often in recent years that the illusion of still being a spry twenty year old often  makes valiant efforts to mask the reality but in the past few weeks that fantasy has been fighting a loosing battle. 
To ensure the illusion was kept at bay, the wind caught the door of a truck I was working on yesterday and whipped it into my knee, on the leg that is twisted into a pretty fair impression of the letter “S”. So, for those old enough to remember Gun Smoke, I am now doing Chester impressions.
Meanwhile, the winds are stirring quite a bit of magic dust all along Route 66from Chicago to Santa Monica. In Needles, California, preservationist Ed Klein has been joined by Richard Tally of the Motel Safari (Tucumcari, New Mexico) in an effort to bring a little glow to the Route 66 corridor in that city. Details, as well as information about how you can help, are available by following this link.
With Route 66 as the cornerstone, charming little Cuba, Missouri is being transformed into a true treasure with such rapidity it is difficult to stay abreast of the developments. During the annual Cuba Fest we will throw by the communities infectious efforts with the unveiling of the  next book, a Route 66 encyclopedia and atlas. 
In Kingman, Rob Chilcoat, the director of the Kingman Army Airfield Museum has launched Double R Tours. For more information about the Kingman historic district Gold, Guns & Ghosts tours call Rob at 928-279-9879 or 928-279-0226. 
Meanwhile, 66 The Mother Road continues to lead the way with the utilization of modern technology to provide an international voice for the Route 66 community and a world wide store front for the mom and pop shops that are the heart of historic Route 66. If your unfamiliar with the publication, or the Big Palooza contest that will culminate with winner announcements at Cuba Fest, follow the link and then click on the magazine cover.

Of course, the big news for this summer is emanating from Victorville. So, what has the magic dust whipped up in your community? 

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