On my list of people to be wary of, fortune tellers, astrologers, and their ilk rate right up there with televangelists, used car salesman, and candidates for political office. They all claim an ability to see the future for a price but yet never seem to see it coming. 
With that said, I will temporarily join their ranks and take a look at Christmas future. After all, I bet my predictive accuracy beats theirs.
I will start with a prediction about Roger Naylor’s new book, Arizona Kicks on Route 66.
Once the word gets out about this book, I sense that the publisher will be kept rather busy. I will also stick my neck out and say that this book should add to the number of smiles found along Route 66. 
Mr. Naylor has a way with words that on occasion borders on whimsical, or even poetic, and as a result they capture the very essence of the Route 66 experience. The excellent photography serves as a delightful stage upon which to display those words.

My next prediction is that fans of the double six will be reinforcing their book shelves this fall. I base this on the fact that the long awaited (and so glad to be finished writing) Route 66 Encyclopedia (an 8.75 inch by 11.25 inch, 288-page hardcover book with 750 color illustrations alone) is due for release this fall and the publisher is now accepting pre-orders. 
If you would prefer to save the postman from the potential risk of a hernia, and want to get in the spirit of the road before cracking the cover, I suggest a little road trip to Cuba, Missouri this October. Cuba Fest is the scheduled venue for the debut of the new book but there is much more to this delightful event (and community) this year than just me, a new book, and fall colors in the Ozarks. Joe Sonderman, Riva Echols, other artists and authors will be in attendance and the weekend schedule is filled with all manner of activities for the entire family. 
Did I mention that 66 The Mother Road will be announcing the winners of the Big Palooza contest at the festival? Did I mention Joe Loesch and the Road Crew will be performing at Belmont Winery?
Next on my list, the International Route 66 Festival in Victorville. My prediction is that resultant of the late start and organizational issues it will be better than the one held in Flagstaff but not quite as good as the one in Amarillo last year. On a more serious note, as the event is all about THE ROAD and sharing the passion for it with others who feel the same way, I am quite confident a good time will be had by one and all.
And now, my long odds prediction for 2012. The Route 66 community puts aside differences and occasional self serving myopia to pool resources to develop, promote, and enhance the Route 66 experience, and to protect that community and its visitors from snake oil salesman, medicine shows, and fast talkers. 
Please don’t prove me wrong. 

The Wagon Wheel Motel in Cuba, site of the Big
Palooza prize announcements during Cuba Fest. 


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