Does anyone know where I may purchase a small elephant? I currently have a fairly large tent and most everything needed to open a circus with the exception of an elephant. 
My son, his wife, their eighteen month old son, two month old daughter, and almost five year old daughter are our temporary house guests as they are in limbo between the sale of the house they were living in and closure of the house they are buying. So, my morning routine has now changed to include making peanut butter waffles while I deftly avoid collisions that would give the appearance of a macabre dance or a seizure. 

A pre-restoration photo included in the images to
be considered for the forthcoming Powerhouse

The evening schedule has also taken a turn. In addition to writing catalog entries for Auctions America it also includes reading stories, occasional baby wrestling, and a round or two of toddler round up. I have always enjoyed the circus but never imagined the opportunity to live in one would present itself.
Last week it was the whirlwind of activities that centered around the Route 66 Fun Run and meeting with Dale Butel’s spring tour group at Cadiz Summit in California. On the to do list this weekend is the posting of some photos from the event and adventure.
Also on the list for this weekend, after a half day at the office, is preparation of the “swamp cooler” for extreme summer usage, an assignment from Auctions America, gathering notes for the interview on local cable channel 57 (as well as accompanying images) scheduled for Monday, gathering the images for the state centennial project at the Powerhouse Visitor Center that are needed for a Monday meeting, and a dinner with my dearest friend at Hualapai Mountain Lodge. That should keep me out of mischief.

Breakfast at Zeno’s i October 2012. From left to right,
Dean Kennedy, Rich Dinkella, Jim Hinckley, and
Joe Sonderman.

I spoke with author Joe Sonderman this afternoon and am excited to announce that he will be attending the Wheels on 66 event in Tucumcari on June 7th. Other Route 66 celebrities that will be in attendance include Jim Ross and Jerry McClanahan. 
As that event is fast approaching I have a great deal of preparation to attend to. But first is the KABAM festival with almost a full week of scheduled events. 
This morning I had a very interesting conversation with John Springs of 66 The Mother Road. We were sharing notes and comparing ideas about ways to ensure the publication continues to evolve into a valuable asset for Route 66 businesses, and a trusted source of information for enthusiasts. 
Speaking of this publication, the Big Palooza contest is gaining momentum. Prizes now include passes to various attractions including Meramec Caverns and Grand Canyon Caverns, and free nights at the Wagon Wheel Motel and Wigwam Motel, as well as books from leading authors (including Joe Sonderman). 
After talking with John, I hatched an interesting idea. What if each community along the road created an entire package that could be included as a prize? What if each community then in turn built upon the free publicity (each business that donates a prize receives free listing as a donor) by purchasing a block of advertisement for the entire town? 
With hits per month on the upswing this just might be the best value per dollar spent for promotion this year. Even better, it would enhance the sense that Route 66 is a 2,000 plus mile community. 
On the subject of books, I have about twenty copies of Ghost Towns of Route 66 available for sale through this blog. If need be I have made arrangement with several sellers to ensure orders will be filled until the reprint is available in June. Availability of other titles shouldn’t be an issue. 
So, until we meet again, have a great weekend.