It hasn’t been a bad day. On the other hand it hasn’t been a particularly good day. It was simply one of those days where it seemed difficult, and on occasion impossible, to accomplish anything. Self diagnosis can be a fools errand but in this case I would prescribe a road trip with relaxation to clear the weariness induced cobwebs.

The Black Mountains under winter

I am not talking a busman’s holiday with scheduled appearances and book signings even though this is something that provides an immense sense of satisfaction. I am talking a couple of days with no schedule or deadlines, sleeping in until 6:00 or even 6:30 in the morning, and just basking in the company of my dearest friend.
In reviewing my schedule for the past five months I was a bit shocked to find that with the exception of a weekend getaway to Prescott and a stay at the Hassayampa Inn for my dearest friends birthday in March, and a hike to Johnson Canyon and its historic railroad tunnel in April, I have not taken a full day off from work in one form or another since December.
That just might explain that sense of having a head filled with cobwebs. That also might explain my dearest friends thinly veiled concerns.
Even though my extra curricular work is of the type I enjoy there comes a need for some very serious rest and relaxation. So, I evaluated the calendar and discovered that it would be possible to squeeze a few empty days in between Wheels on 66 in Tucumcari in June and the return trip. 
That should be just about perfect. A warm up for the vacation with a cruise along Route 66 to set the mood, meeting with friends and acquaintances in Tucumcari, recharging the batteries by immersing myself in the unbridled enthusiasm and excitement of an event that centers around legendary Route 66, and then a couple of days with my dearest friend.

Las Vegas, New Mexico

A lot of folks in our position with a few days to spare would most likely select Santa Fe for their vacation stop on the way home. Now, I have nothing against that ancient city but as we prefer someplace a bit quieter the sights are set on Las Vegas, the one in New Mexico, with its historic Plaza Hotel, delightful little book store, Tome on the Range, and a wide array of shops including a farm and ranch store managed by the same family for more than a half century.
Meanwhile I will need to clear the head and focus on the business at hand. That includes meeting with community and business leaders next week to speak on Route 66, the resurgent interest in that highway, how places like Cuba and Pontiac are capitalizing on that interest, and how to apply that success to Kingman.
I will post the promotional flyer for this event on Tuesday. If you are able to attend please RSVP as seating is limited.

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