Aside from that urge to eat, as well as enjoy the luxury of electricity and the things associated with that and the pleasure derived from sleeping in a warm house rather than a tent in the months of winter, what is it that keeps us so intently focused on making the wheel in our cage go round and round. As I close in on the milestone that is the 60Th birthday, and the quest to become a writer continues to be a task akin to trying to nail Jello to the wall, this is a thought that creeps into my mind with ever greater frequency.

Chain of Rocks Bridge, an example of the images
available through Jim Hinckley Studio.

I know the answer but allow frustrations and setbacks to make me wonder if there is something being overlooked. The simplistic answer for my string of twelve and fourteen hour days is that I love to work. To be more specific, I love labor that provides the opportunity to craft things people enjoy be it photographs, a book, or a speaking engagement where it is possible to inspire imagination and flights of fancy. 
The day job, and the occasional night job, are what fund those endeavors. And even though I complain often, occasionally in a joking manner, I am quite grateful to have a job to complain about.
I often lament the fact that writing has yet to replace the day job. But in all honesty, the reward in writing is seldom measured in dollars. 
The prize, the treasure in this endeavor is in the dreams inspired, the people met, and the doors to grand adventures it has opened. Without writing would I have ever had the opportunity to explore the Beacon Hill Motel with Joe Sonderman, Rich Dinkella, and Dean Kennedy or meet Cort Stevens on my home turf? If it were not for books what are the odds of Jim Hinckley being invited to Jay Leno’s Garage?
Satisfaction is seldom measured by a pay check, especially in the world of the author. It is measured in a thank you note from a family in Germany that was inspired to travel Route 66 because of something I wrote or the smile on an inquisitive youngsters face when you give him a book. 
And so the quest continues. Sure, it would be a true delight if the bills were paid through such an enjoyable pursuit. But in the mean time I will simply enjoy the adventures. 
As a final note today, the information about my address to community and business leaders that was promised for the Tuesday post. I hope you will be able to attend. 

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