Kingman is the only place I know where the weatherman calls thirty mile per hour winds “breezy.” Today was one of those breezy days.
Even though I am not trained in the meteorological arts my bet would be that it may have even been a blustery day as the winds often topped forty miles per hour. Blowing sands and the occasional tumble weeds were but a few of the obstacles encountered during my drive home along Route 66. I can’t be positive because visibility was limited but on one occasion it looked as though a house went by, as well as some older lady on a bicycle.
As an additional area weather update, if your planning on a little desert exploration in the Kingman area before next fall, this may be your last opportunity. Temperatures on Saturday will hover around seventy degrees.
Todays (actually tonights) post is a bit abreviated resultant of a very long week, the need to button up a few projects, and an overwhelming desire to do little more than enjoy the grandkids. Speaking of grandkids, I was quite pleased to learn that Emily Priddy has released a Route 66 book for kids.
Two more quick items. In looking through the guest book for the Jim Hinckley Studio where prints of images as well as illustrations from various projects are now availableI learned it is garnering some international attention. I hope that these visits will inspire a few adventures along America’s most famous highway.
This item was to have appeared in a previous post but as a result of technical difficulties there was a delay. Will I see you there on Wednesday?

You Are Cordially Invited
To Attend The Premier Presentation Of
Route 66: International Destination
A brief report and discussion on the resurgent interest in Route 66;
How communities are utilizing that interest as a catalyst for development, and
How this interest can be transformed into an asset for our business community.
Presented by Local Route 66 Historian, Author, and Photographer Jim Hinckley
Followed by a Question& Answer Session
This All Takes Place at the Newly Opened
Buccilli’s Pizza
1921 Club
(formerly Cappello’s Restaurant)
Wednesday Evening, May 30th at 6pm
Consider this a terrific opportunity to learn more
About how Historic Route 66 can positively
Impact our Local Economy and your Business.
Also, it’s a chance to visit our newest Restaurant
And Taste a Variety of Foods from their extensive Menu
Complimentary Hors D’oeuvres
seating limited to the first fifty
Répondez S’il Vous Plaît
swrealtyaz@gmail.com or 928-377-2239