If your a fan of the double six, I have a wide array of very exciting information to share. If your not a fan as of yet, perhaps a few of these items with help jump start that transition.
First, we have some announcements from the management of 66 The Mother Road, an e-zine that is kicking off its second year in a very big way. An incredible contest that provides an awesome advertising opportunity as well as a little something for every fan of the double six that registers, and advertising specials that are sure to benefit the Route 66 community are the big headliners.

Anything as internationally popular as Route 66 is bound to attract a few charlatans, snake oil salesman, and medicine shows, those fast talkers who promise the moon but vanish like snow in Amboy in July once they have your money in their pocket. Well, with that in mind John and Judy Springs decided that the best way to serve the Route 66 community was to publish your advertisement before sending an invoice, a policy they initiated with issue number one and that continues as they kick off year number two.
To celebrate their second year the Spring’s cooked up “The Big Palooza”, a contest designed to offer businesses, museums, and attractions along Route 66 an opportunity for some budget promotion, to put Cuba, Missouri in the spotlight, and to provide fans of the highway with some quality prizes is in full swing. Details and free, no strings attached registration are available on the website and the magazine itself (to open, click on the cover image).
The next item on the list is a formal grand opening for the Jim Hinckley Studio with an Arizona and Route 66 gallery to select images from. Now through June 1, there is a discount of 10% on all orders. The promo code is “Route 66.”
If you plan on motoring west, or east, on the double six in the first weeks of June, and those travels take you to New Mexico may I suggest Wheels on 66 in Tucucmcari, the kick off for the New Mexico Motor Tour? The event is shaping up to be a major one as numerous Route 66 celebrities will be in attendance – Joe Sonderman, Jim Ross, Jerry McClanahan, and Shellee Graham – to name but a few.

Author Jim Hinckley with the Route 66 Tour spring tour
at Cadiz Summit in California along old Route 66.

Dale Butel of Brisbaine, Australia based Route 66 Tours is adding a new twist to the classic Route 66 tour in 2013. Blending golf at some of the most beautiful courses in America and the adventure of Route 66 is bound to be a winning combination for the folks in the land down under.
One more? On Wednesday evening at 6:00, at Buccillis in Kingman (1921 Club), I will be addressing a group about the resurgent interest in Route 66, how communities are utilizing that interest as a catalyst for development, and the potential for Kingman.
Seating is limited to fifty so an RSVP is required. For more information contact Steve Wagner, Eagle Realty (928-377-2239 or swrealtyaz@gmail.com).

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