I apologize for the delay in posting updates. As is often the case in my world things have been just a tad bit hectic.
First, there was the holiday. For as long as I can remember Memorial Day was a finely blended mix of flag waving patriotism, lip service to those who wave those flags with sincere gratitude from those who hope the lip service will translate into votes, and those who see the holiday as a solemn occasion to remember those who have fallen to preserve American imperialism. I am inspired by the first group, disgusted by the second, and saddened by the latter.
In our home one aspect of our celebration is to inspire a little meditation on something aside from our daily spin on the treadmill by watching a solid portrayal of what it means to be a veteran. An excellent example of this type of film would be Private Ryan.
This year we tried the new film, Red Tails. The acting was somewhat flat but overall it presents a fairly inspirational look at the prejudices that stained America during the second world war and how an illustrious group of men rose above that to do their part in stemming the tide of tyranny in Europe during this period.
It was unplanned but on Monday morning I finished reading Hitler and His Secret Partners by James Pool. For those with a strong stomach and an open mind, I highly recommend this book. It presents a very disturbing behind the scenes picture of Nazi Germany. But the most troubling aspect is how much of the behind the scenes manipulations seem relevant and as fresh as this mornings news. 
Now, lets talk Route 66. Sam and Monica, the inspirational and visionary proprietors of the historic El Trovatore Motel in Kingman are kicking off a grand reopening as well as introducing a new service. Lets start with the special introductory rates.
From June 7Th through June 10Th, they are doubling room rates which makes them $7.66 per night plus tax. Did I forget to mention that during this special they are doubling the original room rate from 1939? 
Imagine following asleep under the watchful gaze of Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, or Andy Devine with the soft, soothing glow of colorful neon to accentuate your dreams for less than the price of a good meal. Now that is a bargain!
Reservations will not be accepted for this special rate. Availability is based on a first come, first served basis and a major credit card is required. 
The new service they are introducing is a Kingman (El Trovatore Motel) to Laughlin, Nevada shuttle service. Today through the 10th of June the introductory rate is $7.66 per person each way.
This takes me to the next topic of discussion. Last evening I spoke to a group of community and business leaders about Route 66, how communities on that highway are using the resurgent interest as a catalyst for development and improvement, and the assets Kingman has for harnessing this wave of interest. 
I was unsure about what the response would be but was still surprised by the turnout. Steve Wagner, the organizer for the event, had asked that reservations be made as seating was limited to fifty but we ended up with that number plus a few walk ins.
It would seem there has been a bit of confusion about the Jim Hinckley Studio (see link above). This is not a brick and mortar gallery in Kingman but an on line gallery for the sale of our photographic work. We chose this path to resolve issues with international orders. 

The legendary Blue Swallow Motel, our home away
from home during our stay in Tucumcari. 

This isn’t to say that a physical gallery isn’t in the planning stages or that we haven’t even entertained the idea of trying to establish a shop in Europe or Australia. The problem here is finding a suitable location, ideally somewhere on Route 66, and a location that would have low enough overhead to make the venture somewhat profitable. 
Perhaps it would be easier to pony up and find someone with an established business that would like to add an additional opportunity for revenue as well as marketing. Is there anyone interested in adding a Jim Hinckley Studio and or a Jim Hinckley Studio and book store to their shop or museum? 
Meanwhile, there will most likely be a gap in postings next week as we take to the road for the Wheels on 66 event in Tucumcari, the kick off for the New Mexico Motor Tour, and leave our son and his family in charge of the circus. As always, I promise lots of details and photos upon our return. 
Please keep the emails and comments coming. As has been my custom since launching this blog, each will receive a personal response. 


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