Our adventure to Tucumcari is over. Now it is time to sift through the email, mail, messages, and pressing details that have accumulated over the past few days.
As the hour is late and it has been a very long but exhilarating day I will keep this post short. The highlights of the last day include a new (for us) Route 66 Motel that I can unequivocally recommend, a little exploration at Two Guns, and a delightful lunch under the pines at the old store in Parks, Arizona.   
In the days to come I will provide details, photos, links, and other information about discoveries made on this trip. A summary will have to suffice this evening.

Neon nights at the Blue Swallow Motel in Tucumcari,
New Mexico.

First, for those familiar with the Route 66 corridor in Tucucmcari, I am pleased to announce that this town has spirit and more than a few visionaries in spite of appearances.
In fact, I would go so far as to say this is a town with a plan that other communities along the Route 66 corridor should study. Imagine a one legged man in a behind kicking contest with enough gumption to be taking bets on his success and you have a fair idea of the odds they face and the inspiration they can offer. Even better, they have some folks whose zest for life and generosity, their spirit and can do attitude, is truly invigorating. Stay tuned for details and photos.
If you think this is interesting or exciting, wait until I tell you about the Globetrotter Lodge in Holbrook, the Plaza Hotel in the other Las Vegas (the one in New Mexico), my next book project that was approved the day before we left, a few of the folks met on our latest adventure, and updates on the encyclopedia.

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