The latest issue of 66 The Mother Road is hot off the virtual press. With each issue John and Judy Springs strive to make a good product even better. In the Route 66 community this rising star is a valuable asset for the small business owner and a source of information, as well as inspiration for the adventurer.
In this issue Cort Stevens, another rising star, makes his debut with the first installment in a delightful new series. This boy can really write!
Charming personal touches ensure the Globetrotter
Lodge in Holbrook will be a days end destination for
Route 66 adventurers.
As the topic of the day is rising stars, here are two lifted from the Route 66 lodging file. First is the Globetrotter Lodge in Holbrook, a truly wonderful little roadside gem that captures the very essence of the Route 66 experience. 
It would seem the iconic Wigwam Motel in Holbrook has a bit of competition and the Route 66 enthusiast will be faced with a very difficult choice. However, this dusty little community is not the only place on Route 66 where the traveler has the luxury of having more than one historic motel to choose from.
For a number of years the near perfect time capusle that is the Hilltop Motel in Kingman has been the haven of choice for the Route 66 purist. Now, there is the circa 1939 El Trovatore Motel with its neon beacon that is on the fast track to refurbishment.
Hailing from Wisconsin are a team of rising stars, Chris and Katie, proprietors of Fading Nostalgia. With an artists eye, and a mastery of lighting, they manage to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary and the well worn into true art. My primary complaint, the reference to cameras produced long after I graduated from high school as antiques.  
Todays notes from my corner of the world are a bit brief. There is a project that demands my atention but I will return soon with a few surprises, more updates, and, I hope, some fresh and inspirational photos.
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