I was really hitting a stride in regard to balancing the day job and extracurricular activities when notice was received that for the foreseeable future six day work weeks will again be the norm. That announcement sent the train off the rails.  

Less than twenty miles from sun baked Route 66 in
western Arizona, the Hualapai Mountains stand as a
forested oasis in a sea of desert.

So, last night I again examined the galley proofs of the Route 66 Encyclopedia for errors. At the last minute it was decided that costs for the project needed to be trimmed and so a few photos were deleted, a couple were down sized, and in the process a few captions were mixed up.
To say the very least this project has led the hit parade in regard to frustration. First, an editor (no longer with the company) sent the cull list of images instead of the selections. As a result more than 20,000 words of captions were written twice.
Then these last minute changes were made. As there are grand plans for the books debut at Cuba Fest in Cuba, Missouri in October, these last minute adjustments have me as nervous as a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs.
Today I will consolidate plans for today and Monday into a 14 hour marathon. Provide photos of the pre 1937 alignment of Route 66 to an Australian film company, check.
Prepare for a photo safari into the Hualapai Mountains, check. We have had a touch of the Arizona monsoon (over 2 inches of rain in an hour in some places) and so expect a few difficulties but the show must go on.
I am committed to providing Roger Naylor some photos of the trail system on the mountain for an article he is writing. In addition, I need some photos to enhance the forthcoming Powerhouse Visitor Center exhibit, and for the next installment of my detour feature for 66 The Mother Road.
The photography will serve as the excuse for a long hike in the mountains with my dearest friend, something I love to do but would most likely postpone in light of the new work schedule. In light of the recent rains, it should be a most delightful outing.
In looking through my check list I see that there is also a need to provide some Kingman updates, as well as introduce the new trivia contest with a grand prize being a print from the Jim Hinckley Studio. Have you picked out your favorite photo yet (see the slide show at the top of this column or visit the website)?
Well, at least this schedule will make it difficulat to be caught up in the looney tune season that has come all to soon. I believe they refer to it as election season.

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