Some folks love the fast lane. You know the type; always in a hurry, always pushing, and never satisfied or happy because there never seems to be enough time to enjoy anything. Little thought is given to the destination shared by all travelers regardless of road chosen until they find themselves approaching the end of the road and realizing that they have spent so much time with the throttle to the floor that applying the brake is an unnatural act.

Then there are the folks who prefer the slow lane. They just don’t seem to get excited about much of anything and never worry about passing.
They are the ones who stop to smell the roses and forget to go to work, and don’t seem to really care. They have one speed for everything and when they come to the end of the road it may be awhile before friends and family even notice.
Meanwhile, there are those eccentric, independent sort of folks who prefer the road less traveled for their journey through life.
They really don’t worry about keeping up with the neighbors. Instead they enjoy the trip with all its detours and endless opportunities for explorations on side roads and the people they meet along the way but never loose sight of the final destination.
More often than not, I present the impression of being a fast lane kind of fellow. I suppose there is a bit of that in my nature but for me the fast lane is little more than one of those necessary evils we have to use to get to the exit for the road less traveled.
The slow lane is hard to enjoy because it is bordered by the fast lane. Still, if given but one choice, I prefer this lane over the fast one.
However, my preference is the dusty road less traveled. I find the people met along the way to be far more interesting and colorful. There are a wide array of side roads and trails that hint of endless possibility for adventure. Best of all, there are long stretches of road where it is possible to simply think, to enjoy the wonder all around us.
As you may have noticed, recent posts have been somewhat short. With the exception of yesterday morning when my dearest friend and I played hooky, and took to the trail less traveled high in the Hualapai Mountains, I have been stuck in the fast lane.

It looks as though I will be able to take to the slow lane soon. Even better, I see a dusty track winding across the desert just ahead.

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