I know that it must be an illusion of sorts, that is the only way to explain the fact it is Wednesday. What happened to the days between last Wednesday and this one? 
I know we were hiking among the trees under heavy clouds in the Hualapai Mountains on Sunday. I also know that Monday, my scheduled day off, evaporated like snow in Amboy in July and was transformed into a work day. 
The rest of the days in between seem to have blurred into one long string of projects and work days. For a fellow who would prefer the lifestyle pace of Radiator Springs before it was rediscovered, I do manage to keep myself busy. 
I have the first two chapters for the new book finished. With the exception of a little polish they are ready to submit as per the contract stipulated deadline of August 1. 
The first feature for the next issue of 66 The Mother Road is finished and the photography for the second article in the new detour series is also completed. That leaves writing the piece on Haulapai Mountain Park before the end of August. 
Another edit of the galley proofs for the Route 66 Encyclopedia (the third since it was decided to make adjustments) is also finished. It is my sincere hope this finalizes what has been the most trying project of my career. 
Counted among other projects that consumed large blocks of time in the past week include initial work for some possible beautification to the downtown area with murals on the Old Trails Garage (1910) building. That will the topic of discussion at a meeting this evening. 
As busy as the past week has been it pales in comparison to what looms on the horizon for the next thirty days. Still, as all of the extra curricular activities are tied with Route 66, the people who make it special, and ways to enhance the experience for others, I look toward the harried schedule with excitement and anticipation. 
This Saturday we will have the privilege of playing host to Kevin and Nancy Mueller, the owners of the iconic Blue Swallow Motel in Tucumcari. As Saturday evening is also the scheduled night for the next installment of Chillin’ on Beale, I am quite confident we can ensure they have a memorable stay in Kingman. 
The following Saturday afternoon we will join with the summer tour group from the land down under being led by Dale Butel on their journey through the Black Mountains and Oatman. As a bonus, Dale’s delightful wife, Kristi Anne, is in accompaniment so my dearest friend and I are assured a most enjoyable afternoon and evening. 
The 10Th and 11Th of August will be spent in Victorville, this years host city for the International Route 66 Festival. We look forward to the event as it is often the only time all of our Route 66 friends are in one place. It is also an ideal venue for gathering ideas on how to transform Kingman, how I can use our photography and my writing to promote the road, and making new friends that share similar passions. 
On the 16Th, I have been tasked with providing a reception for some folks from GM who are touring Route 66. As the request was for a display of vintage cars, with an emphasis on those manufactured by Cadillac, I have located a 1910, a 1911, and a 1953 convertible model. 
Then we have another organizational meeting for development of the World’s Largest Route 66 Museum, a little something special for the Route 66 community that should enhance the stature of Kingman as a destination. As the project develops I will provide updates and information about how you can help make this project a success. 
Of course there is also the need to launch the promised Route 66 trivia contest with a grand prize being a gift certificate from the Jim Hinckley Studio (see link at the top of this column). The hitch in this has been a need to unravel the codes involved rather than the time to implement the program. I do appreciate the patience. 
The rest of the month will be consumed with further development of the long awaited photo exhibit at the Powerhouse Visitor Center. There has been a bit of frustration here as well but the end result will be well worth the additional time expended. 
 Initially this was to be a straight forward Route 66 in Mohave County exhibit. Now it has morphed into a full blown photo tour of Route 66 in the county as well as the treasures awaiting discovery with the slightest of detours that will dominate the second floor mezzanine. 
At this early date it looks as though September will provide an opportunity to catch my breath. The game plan is to use this time for the planning our next grand Route 66 adventure – a trip to Cuba Fest i Cuba, Missouri in October where we will launch the promotion for the Route 66 encyclopedia. 
As noted quite often in my daily ramblings on this blog, you have a better chance of finding an honest presidential candidate in the months before an election than finding boredom at my house. 

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