It has been a bit tough to think of what to write this past day or so even though there is a certain something in the air here in Kingman that hints of wonderful change just ahead. The recent tragedy in Colorado, as well as thoughts about the families forever changed as a result, have dominated the thoughts.
With that said I feel the need to deviate a bit from our regular topics of discussion, namely Route 66, adventures on the road less traveled, and related topics. Instead, I would simply like to pose a few questions and respectively request that you meditate upon them.
Is it my imagination or does there seem to be a dramatic increase in random, senseless violence in this nation as made manifest in this latest shooting and the St. Louis Knock Out Club?
What is fueling this sense of impotent rage, this need for attention, this disconnect that is being manifest as senseless violence?
What, if anything, can we do to stem or turn this tide?
Thank you for bearing with me. If you would like to share your thoughts on these questions please drop me an email, or start a discussion in the left column.

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